Jesus Christ Superstar (Broadway)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Broadway)

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice opened at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts on Broadway on April 16, 2000 and closed September 3, 2000 after 28 previews and 161 performances

Produced by The Really Useful Superstar Company, Inc. and Nederlander Producing Company of America, Inc.; Produced in association with Terry Allen Kramer

Directed by Gale Edwards; Choreographed by Anthony Van Laast; Musical Director: Patrick Vaccariello; Music orchestrated by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Scenic Design by Peter J. Davison; Costume Design by Roger Kirk; Lighting Design by Mark McCullough and Sound Design by Richard Ryan.

Starring Glenn Carter (Jesus of Nazareth), Maya Days (Mary Magdalene), Tony Vincent (Judas Iscariot), Kevin Gray (Pontius Pilate), Rodney Hicks (Peter), Paul Kandel (King Herod), Michael K. Lee (Simon Zealotes), Frederick B. Owens (Caiaphas), Ray Walker (Annas), Christian Borle (Disciple), Lisa Brescia (Disciple), Hank Campbell (Priest / Guard), Merle Dandridge (Disciple / Soul Girl), D’Monroe (Apostle), Manoel Felciano (Apostle), Deidre Goodwin (Disciple / Soul Girl), Lana Gordon (Disciple / Soul Girl), Somer Lee Graham (Disciple), Todd Howell (Disciple), Daniel C. Levine (Disciple), Anthony Manough (Apostle), Joseph Melendez (Apostle), Eric Millegan (Apostle), Devin Richards (Guard / Priest), Michael Seelbach (Apostle), Alexander Selma (Apostle), David St. Louis (Apostle), Shayna Steele (Disciple), Max von Essen ( Disciple), Timothy Warmen (Guard / Priest),  Joe Wilson, Jr. (Apostle) and Andrew Wright (Disciple)

Swings: Bernard Dotson, Keenah Reid and Adam Simmons

Understudies: Merle Dandridge (Mary Magdalene), Manoel Felciano (Judas Iscariot, Annas), Anthony Manough (Simon Zealotes, Peter), Devin Richards (Caiaphas), Adam Simmons (King Herod, Annas), David St. Louis (Caiaphas), Shayna Steele (Mary Magdalene), Max von Essen (Jesus of Nazareth), Ray Walker (King Herod), Timothy Warmen (Pontius Pilate) and Andrew Wright (Peter)

Replacements included Jason Pebworth (Judas Iscariot Mar 23, 2000 – April 04, 2000 replaced in previews), Luther Creek (Apostle), Jessica Ferraro (Soul Girl), Brian Noonan (Priest / Guard), Danny Rockett (Disciple), Ashley Howard Wilkinson (Priest / Guard) and Jason Wooten (Simon Zealotes)

Replacement Swings: Sloan Just and Joe Paparella

Replacement Understudies: Joe Paparella (Jesus of Nazareth), Danny Rockett (Jesus of Nazareth, Judas Iscariot) and Ashley Howard Wilkinson (Caiaphas)

Assistant Director: Kevin Moriarty; Assistant Choreographer: Denny Berry; Associate Scenic Design: Larry Gruber; Costume Design Associate: Nancy Palmatier; Assistant Lighting Design: Jeff Brangan; Associate Sound Design: John Gibson

General Manager: The Charlotte Wilcox Company; Company Manager: Susan Sampliner; Production Supervisor: Arthur Siccardi; Production Stage Manager: Bonnie Panson; Stage Manager: Ira Mont; Assistant Stage Manager: Kenneth McGee

Conducted by Patrick Vaccariello; Associate Conductor: Jim Laev; Keyboard: Jim Laev, Mark Berman and T.O. Sterrett; Drums: Gary Tillman; Bass: Joe Quigley; Guitar: Doug Quinnand J. McGeehan; Percussion: Howard Joines; Trumpet / Piccolo Trumpet: Bob Millikan and Tino Gagliardi; Trumpet / Flugal Horn: Lorraine Cohen-Moses; French Horn: Larry DiBello and Theresa MacDonnell; Trombone: Charles Gordon and Bob Suttmann; Bass Trombone / Tuba: John Hahn; Flute / Piccolo: Gretchen Pusch; Flute / Clarinet / Tenor Sax: Scott Shachter; Musical Supervisor: Simon Lee; Associate Musical Supervisor: Kristen Allen Blodgette; Musical Coordinator: David Lai; Music Preparation: Peter R. Miller and Miller Music Services

Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates and Tara Rubin; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: The Karpel Group; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.; Press Representative for A. Lloyd Webber & The Really Useful Group: Brown Lloyd James; Dance Captain: Bernard Dotson; Fight Captain: Bernard Dotson; Press Associate: Amy Jacobs and Matt Polk

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Jesus Christ Superstar

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In 1996, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR was revived in London at the Lyceum Theatre and ran for a year and a half.  Directed by Gale Edwards, it starred Steve Balsamo and Zubin Varla as Jesus and Judas, and Joanna Ampil as Mary Magdalene and Alice Cooper as King Herod. The production was nominated for a Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival. It was followed by a UK tour.

This 2000 revival production at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts in 2000 is the transfer / remount of the London & UK touring production.

For fun, here is my parody of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR from early 2020


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