Jekyll & Hyde (2010 Taiwan Tour) [Poster]

Jekyll and Hyde (2010 Taiwan)

Jekyll and Hyde based on the work by Robert Louis Stevenson, conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn, book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and music by Frank Wildhorn touring 4 cities in Taiwan opening on June 17, 2010 at the Taipei National Theater (then onto Taichung, Tainan  & Kaohsiung).  Produced by TML EnterprisesTim Lawson with consulting Producer Toby Simkin; Presented by Kuang Hong Arts.

Directed by John Diedrich; Choreographed by Jo-Anne Diedrich; Musical Direction by Peter Casey; Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg; Arrangements by Jason Howland; Scenic Design by Pil Young Oh; Costume Design by Kyungran Kim; Lighting Designed by Nigel Levings; Sound Designed by Kukhyeon Kang; Props Design by Yoonhyung Cho and Make-up Design by Sookhee Kim.

Starring Brad Little (Jekyll/Hyde), Belinda Wollaston (Lucy Harris), Ana Marina Grange (Emma Carew), Robert Bertram (John Utterson), Barry Langrishe (Sir Danvers Carew), Philip Dodd (Lord Savage / The Spider), Lisa Bluthal (Lady Beaconsfield / Nellie), Caitlin Berry (Alice), Brianne Turk (Kate), Kirsten Hobbs (Polly), Madelaine Cain (Molly), Kristina McNamara (Bet), Anthony Harvey (Right Hon. Archibold Proops), Tim Page (Bishop of Basingstoke), Hayden Tee (Simon Stride), Todd Goddard (Poole), Colin Dean (General Lord Glossop), Steve Judkins (Ned), Tod Strike (Mike), Chris Scalzo (Bill the Newsboy), Gerard Schneider (Albert), Andrew Connaghan (Mr Bissett) and Adam Rennie (Jack).

Swings included Kirby Burgess (Females), Simon Roborgh and Stephen Wheat (Males).

Associate Musical Directed & Orchestra Conducted by Anne-Maree McDonald; Resident Directed by Siobhan Ginty; Production Managed (AU) by Frank Harlow; Production Stage Managed by Mary Benn; Deputy Stage Managed by Teresa Fok; Assistant Stage Managed by Elizabeth Rogers & Jayine Chung; Head of Wardrobe: Helen Radbone; Head of Wigs: Sharon Case; Technical Managed (KO) by Minsic Son; Lighting Board Operation by by Alex Grierson; Lighting Programmed by Richard Neville; Sound Board Operation by Ahreum Yoon; Sound System Supplied by U Tak Sim; Sound Monitor Mix by Yeo Joo Kang and Musicians Coordination by Sylvia Hsu.

General Management by TML Enterprises; Company Managed by Jeremy Youett; Payroll Services & Administration (AU) by Gabi Overton; Interpretion Services by Jayine Chung; Korean Company Office Managed by Regina Shin; Promoter (KHAM) Supervision (TW) by Chelsea Wang; Promoter Assistant by (TW) Hannah Huang; Promoter Travel Assistant (TW) by Abby Liu and Promoter Production Management (TW) by Ray Yeu.

TML EnterprisesFor TML Enterprises: Tim Lawson (CEO); Toby Simkin (VP Asia Pacific); Adrian Storey (Associate Producer); Gabi Overton (General Manager); Frank Harlow (Production Manager); Robbert Van Der Zwaag (Company Manager); Jay Lawrence (Ticketing); Damien Chambers (Production Associate); Tom Lambert (Production Associate); Pitcher Partners (Accounts); Peter Hourigan (Insurance); William Mulholland (Legals); AKA Australia (Marketing) and Julie Cavanagh, Bruce Pollack (Publicity).

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY).

Jekyll and Hyde
: Tour Promo Video

Jekyll and Hyde
: Taiwan tour TV 30 second ad

Jekyll and Hyde
: Taiwan tour TV 20 second ad

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Jekyll and Hyde

Taipei National Theatre, and tour of Taiwan

The Show

Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 02 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 26 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 25 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 24 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 09 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 08 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 07 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 06 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 05 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 04 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 03 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 01 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 10 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 11 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 12 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 13 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 14 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 15 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 16 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 17 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 18 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 19 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 20 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 21 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 22 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 23 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 27 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 28 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 29 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 30 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Photo 31Jekyll & Hyde (2010 Taiwan Tour) [Poster] Jekyll and Hyde (Taiwan) | Jekyll & Hyde (Taipei, Taichiung, Tainan, Kaoshiung) Jekyll & Hyde (2010 Taiwan Tour) [Program] English

Some photos were taken at the Sejong Centre in Seoul, Korea prior to the Taiwan engagement with a few cast changes.

Designs & Behind the Scenes

Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Design Plan Taipei Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Carew Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Danvers Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Dregs Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model East End Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Facade Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Lab Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model New Life Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model Opening Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Set Model This is the MomentJekyll Hyde Taiwan Taipei Naitonal Theatre Exterior Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Taipei Naitonal Theatre Clear Stage Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 07 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 08Jekyll Hyde Taiwan The Company in hotel lobby Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Toby onstage Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Tim & Jeremy finding out they are eating dog penis soup Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Head of Wardrobe: Helen Radbone Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Head of Wigs: Sharon Case Jekyll Hyde Taiwan People 06 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Associate Musical Director & Orchestra Conducted by Anne-Maree McDonald Jekyll Hyde Taiwan People 07Jekyll Hyde Taiwan People Dinner with Brad Peter Tim and Toby Jekyll Hyde Taiwan People Tim at National Theatre Jekyll Hyde Taiwan People Tim Chinese Dinner Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 01 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 02 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 03 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 04 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage 05 Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Backstage Props Table with Lab Bottles Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Assistant Stage Manager Elizabeth Rogers Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Belinda Wollaston Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Toby entering stage door over locked gate Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Toby and Buddha Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Toby getting ride back to hotel Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Tim photographing plan of how to fit the big set into a tiny, tiny, tiny theatre Jekyll Hyde Taiwan Brad Little Backstage

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde has a score by Frank Wildhorn and book and lyrics by the two-time Academy Award-winning lyricist Leslie Bricusse, opened on Broadway on April 28, 1997.

It is a rousing gothic musical based on the classic tale of good and evil.

Murder and chaos run rampant and evil lurks around every corner, but love and virtue put up a strong fight in this engaging thriller.  Dr. Henry Jekyll, pursuing his life-long quest, endeavors to separate the two natures of man. Refused help by his peers and superiors, he begins experiments on himself with his formula. He meets with success, and shocking results.  The evil nature of Dr. Jekyll surfaces as a separate identity: Edward Hyde. Hyde begins murdering the members of the Board of Governors who previously refused assistance to Jekyll’s cause. Meanwhile Jekyll fights in vain to keep his darker half under control.  Caught in the cross-fire of this epic internal struggle are Jekyll’s fiancée, Emma Carew; her father, Sir Danvers; Jekyll’s best friend, John Utterson; and a prostitute named Lucy, who becomes entangled with Hyde.

This show mixes together characters from both ends of the social spectrum, songs and scenes that provide ample chills and thrills, and a main character split between the extremes of morality.

Jekyll & Hyde was originally produced in 1990 at the Houston’s Tony Award-winning Alley Theatre. An instantaneous success with audiences and critics alike, it went on to break box office records, and its original run was extended four times during that first summer. In 1995, the show was remounted by Houston’s Theater Under the Stars and Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater. A recording of highlights from the first production, which included the hit songs “Someone Like You” and “This Is the Moment” sold more than 150,000 copies to date. In 1994, the complete score was released on a two-CD set which doubled the sales of the earlier “Highlights” CD.  Adding to the show’s momentum, stars such as Liza Minnelli and The Moody Blues soon began to record songs from the show. Finally, on April 28, 1997, Jekyll & Hyde made its Broadway debut at the Plymouth Theatre. Another resounding success, this production was nominated for 4 Tony Awards. Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll/Hyde) won the Drama Desk award for Best Actor in a Musical. And Linda Eder (Lucy) won a 1997 Theater World Award for Outstanding Debut Performer in New York City.

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