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Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway)

Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway Film)

As Executive Vice President (and shareholder) for the Broadway Television Network (BTN), the production and presentation initially by Live Pay Per View (PPV), and later by DVD and other streaming formats of the Broadway production of Jekyll & Hyde: Direct from Broadway.

JEKYLL AND HYDE opened on Broadway at the Plymouth Theatre on Apr 28, 1997 and closed on Jan 07, 2001 after 45 previews and 1,543 performances. Conceived for the stage by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden; Book & Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; Music by Frank Wildhorn; From the novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson

Produced by PACE Theatrical Group, Inc. and Fox Theatricals; Produced in association with Jerry Frankel, Magicworks Entertainment and The Landmark Entertainment Group (Tony Christopher, Founder; Gary Goddard, Founder); Associate Producer: Bill Young (Previous developmental production directed by Gregory Boyd at The Alley Theatre, Artistic Director; Paul Tetreault, Managing Director); Previous developmental production by: The 5th Avenue Musical Theatre Company (Frank M. Young, Executive Director; Marilynn Sheldon, Managing Director) and Theatre Under the Stars (Frank M. Young, Founder and Artistic Director) and Executive Producer: Gary Gunas.

Conceived for the stage by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden; Book by Leslie Bricusse; Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; Music by Frank Wildhorn; From the novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson;

Directed by Robin Phillips; Choreographed by Joey Pizzi; Scenic Design by Robin Phillips and James Noone; Costume Design by Ann Curtis; Lighting Design by Beverly Emmons; Sound Design by Karl Richardson and Scott Stauffer; Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Music orchestrated by Kim Scharnberg; Musical Director: Jason Howland; Vocal arrangements by Jason Howland and Ron Melrose; Additional lyrics by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn.

Starring Robert Cuccioli (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde – Mar 21, 1997 – Jan 03, 1999), Linda Eder (Lucy – Mar 21, 1997 – Aug 30, 1998 / Boy Soprano at the wedding – Mar 21, 1997 – Aug 30, 1998), Robert Evan (Wednesday and Saturday matinees: Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde / Jekyll’s “other half” – Mar 21, 1997 – Jan 03, 1999), Barrie Ingham (Sir Danvers Carew), George Merritt (John Utterson), Christiane Noll (Emma Carew, Jekyll’s fiance – Mar 21, 1997 – Jan 03, 1999), Geoffrey Blaisdell / General Lord Glossop / Siegfried the Pianist at “The Red Hat” / Policeman / Barrow Boy), David Chaney (An Old Man in the mental hospital / Davie a barrow boy / Manservant at Sir Danvers’ / Mr. Bissett an apothecary / A Maitre d’Hotel at a social club / Priest at wedding), Bill E. Dietrich (Mental Patient / Bill a docker / Groom / A Tough at “The Red Hat” / A Newsboy / Choir Boy), John Treacy Egan (Mike a clerk / Groom), Donald Grody (Doctor Lord G Poole, Jekyll’s manservant), Leah Hocking (Kate a cockle seller), Michael Ingram (Rupert / Bishop of Basingstoke / Sir Douglas / Policeman / Barrow Boy / Bishop of Bathingstoke), David Koch (Mental Patient / Ned a sailor / A Tough at “The Red Hat”), Frank Mastrone (Attendant / Albert a barman / First Gentleman / A Priest at the Bishop’s funeral), Raymond Jaramillo McLeod (Mr. Simon Stride), Corinne Melançon (Bridesmaid), Brad Oscar (Right Honourable Archibald Proops / Second Gentleman / Sir Peter / Barrow Boy), Molly Scott Pesce (Molly a fish gutter), Bonnie Schon (Polly a scrubber woman / Whore), Emily Scott Skinner (Nurse / Alice a scullery maid / Housemaid / Whore / Bridesmaid), Jodi Stevens (Nurse / Bet a scullery maid / Housemaid / A Young Girl, managed by Gwinny / Bridesmaid), Martin Van Treuren (Lord Savage / The Spider, proprietor of “The Red Hat”), Charles E. Wallace (Attendant / Jack a beggar / Under Footman / A Tough at “The Red Hat” / A Doorman at a social club / Curate), Emily Zacharias (Lady Beaconsfield / Guinevere, manageress of “The Red Hat”)

Swings: Paul Hadobas and Rebecca Spencer

Understudies: Geoffrey Blaisdell (John Utterson, Poole), Bill E. Dietrich (Dr. Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, Right Honourable Archibald Proops), John Treacy Egan (General Lord Glossop, Rupert), Donald Grody (Sir Danvers Carew), Leah Hocking (Lucy, Emma Carew), David Koch (Mr. Simon Stride), Frank Mastrone (Dr. Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, Lord Savage, The Spider), Brad Oscar (Poole), Bonnie Schon (Lady Beaconsfield, Guinevere), Emily Scott Skinner (Lucy, Emma Carew), Jodi Stevens (Lucy, Emma Carew) and Martin Van Treuren (Sir Danvers Carew)

Replacement Cast: Sebastian Bach (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde – Jun 13, 2000 – Oct 15, 2000), Anastasia Barzee (Emma Carew – Jan 05, 1999 – Jan 23, 2000), Robert Evan (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde – Jan 05, 1999 – Jan 23, 2000), David Hasselhoff (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde – Oct 17, 2000 – Jan 07, 2001), Leah Hocking (Lucy), Luba Mason (Lucy – Sep 01, 1998 – Jan 23, 2000), Jack Wagner (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde – Jan 25, 2000 – Jun 11, 2000), Andrea Rivette (Emma Carew – Jan 25, 2000 – Jan 07, 2001), Juan Betancur (Mental Patient / Bill a docker / Groom / A Newsboy / Choir Boy), Robert DuSold (Rupert / Bishop of Basingstoke), Merwin Foard (Mr. Simon Stride), Erika Greene (Molly / a fish gutter), Peter Johl (Doctor / Lord G Poole, Jekyll’s manservant), Joseph Mahowald (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde), Stuart Marland / General Lord Glossop / Siegfried / the Pianist at “The Red Hat” / Policeman / Barrow Boy), Corinne Melançon (Nurse / Alice a scullery maid / Housemaid / Whore), Kelli O’Hara (Kate a cockle seller – Jul 20, 2000 – Jan 07, 2001), Max Perlman (Ensemble / Mike a clerk – May 1999 – Aug 1999), John Schiappa (Ned a sailor / Mental Patient), Coleen Sexton (Lucy – Jan 25, 2000 – Jan 07, 2001), Kate Shindle (Bet a scullery maid / Nurse / Housemaid / A Young Girl managed by Gwinny / Bridesmaid), Jodi Stevens (Wednesday and Saturday matinees: Lucy / Alternate), Kay Story (Bet a scullery maid / Nurse / Housemaid / Bridesmaid / A Young Girl managed by Gwinny), Christy Tarr (Kate a cockle seller), Russell Warfield (Attendant / Jack a beggar / Under Footman / A Tough at “The Red Hat” / A Doorman at a social club / Curate), Rod Weber (Bill a docker / A Newsboy / Mental Patient)

Replacement Swings: Erika Greene (Partial Swing), Christy Tarr and Carmen Yurich

Replacement Understudies: Juan Betancur (Dr. Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, Right Honourable Archibald Proops), John Treacy Egan (John Utterson), Paul Hadobas (Rupert, Lord Savage, The Spider, Right Honourable Archibald Proops), Peter Johl (Sir Danvers Carew), Stuart Marland (John Utterson), Corinne Melançon (Lucy), Kelli O’Hara (Emma Carew), John Schiappa (Lord Savage, The Spider), Kate Shindle (Lucy) and Rebecca Spencer (Emma Carew, Lady Beaconsfield, Guinevere)

Associate Musical Director: Ron Melrose; Assistant Scenic Design: Jane Epperson and Vicki Davis; Assistant to the Set Designers: Paul Melia, Andreas Messis and William Mozer; Assistant Costume Design: Alix Dolgoy, Jennifer Arnold and Michael Sharpe; Assistant Lighting Design: Katy Orrick; Assistant to the Lighting Designer: John H. Finen, III and Assistant Sound Design: Allen Rowand

General Manager: Niko Associates, Inc. (Manny Kladitis, Founder and President); Company Manager: Bruce Klinger later replaced by Carl Pasbjerg

Technical Supervisor: Joseph Patria; Production Stage Manager: Maureen F. Gibson later replaced by David Hyslop; Stage Manager: David Hyslop later replaced by James Mountcastle; Assistant Stage Manager: Neal Fox & Suzie Tucker and Properties and Set Dressing by Christina Poddubiuk.

Casting: Julie Hughes and Barry Moss, CSA; Public Relations: Richard Kornberg & Associates; General Press Representative: Rick Miramontez, Don Summa and Jim Byk; Marketing: Nancy Richards; Marketing & Promotion Consultant: TMG – The Marketing Group and Keith Hurd; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Photographer: Cylla von Tiedemann later replaced by Carol Rosegg; Fight Coordinator: J. Allen Suddeth; Assistant to the Director: Jack Wetherall; Asst. to the Choreographer: Johnny Anzalone; Dance Captain: David Koch; Fight Captain: David Koch and Special Effects by Gregory Meeh.

Musical Supervisor: Jeremy Roberts; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Jason Howland; Associate Conductor: Ron Melrose later replaced by Jan Rosenberg; Assistant Conductor: Jan Rosenberg; Concert Master: Dale Stuckenbruck; Violin: Nam Sook Lee; Viola: Debra Shufelt; Cello: Ted Mook; Bass: David Finck; Woodwinds: Robert Bush, Matt Dine and Paul Garment; Horn: R.J. Kelley; Trombone: Herb Besson; Percussion: James Saporito and Randall Hicks later replaced by Larry Lelli; Keyboards: Mick Rossi, Jan Rosenberg and William Stein.

The BTN aired its first pay-per view broadcast of Jekyll & Hyde: Direct from Broadway on March 10, 2001 as a one-night-only event in seven digital cinemas in Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, New York, Phoenix, and Washington DC with showings on cable and satellite pay-per-view channels in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.It was later released on DVD and VHS on September 11, 2001 by Good Times Video, with a DVD re-release November 14, 2006 by Image Entertainment. HBO bought the program in December 2002 for a two-year contract on the network.

The PPV, Film and DVD

Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 01Film cast [in credits order] David Hasselhoff (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde), Coleen Sexton (Lucy Harris), Andrea Rivette (Emma Carew), George Merritt (Mr. John Utterson, Esq.), Barrie Ingham (Sir Danvers Carew), Martin Van Treuren (Lord Theodore Savage / The Spider), Corinne Melançon (Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield / Guinevere), Juan Betancur (Mental Patient / Bill a Docker / Tough at The Red Rat / Newsboy/ Choir Boy), David Chaney (Mr. Bisset an Apothecary / Old Man / David a Barrow Boy / Manservant at Sir Danvers’, Maitre d’Hotel, Priest at Wedding), Sheri Cowart (Nurse / Alice a Scullery Maid / Housemaid / Whore / Bridesmaid), Bill E. Dietrich (Right Honourable Sir Archibald Proops / Second Gentleman / Sir Peter / Barrow Boy), John Treacy Egan (Mike a Clerk / Groom), Robert Jensen (Mr. Simon Stride), Peter Johl (Poole Dr. Jekyll’s Manservant / Doctor / Coachman / Lord G.), Stuart Marland (General Lord Glossop / Siegfried the Pianist / Policeman), Brandi Chavonne Massey(Nurse / Bet a Scullery Maid / Housemaid / Young Girl /Bridesmaid), Frank Mastrone (Attendant / Albert a Barman / First Gentleman / Priest at Bishop’s Funeral), Kelli O’Hara (Katie a Cockle Seller), Joel Robertson (Rupert, the 14th Bishop of Basingstoke), John Schiappa (Mental Patient / Ned a Sailor / Tough at The Red Rat), Bonnie Schon (Polly a Scrubber Woman / Whore), Sally Ann Tumas (Molly a Fish Gutter) and Russell B. Warfield (Attendant / Jack a Beggar / Under Footman / Tough at The Red Rat / Doorman / Curate)

With Musicians: Robert Bush (Woodwinds), Michael Davis (Trombone), Matt Dine (Woodwinds), David Finck (Bass), Paul Garment (Woodwinds), Randall Hicks (Percussion), Bill Holcomb (Bass), R.J. Kelley (Horns), Nam Sock Lee (Violin), Larry Lelli (Percussion), Ted Mook (Cello), Cherie Rosen (Keyboards), Debra Shufelt (Viola) and William Stein (Keyboards).

Film Produced by Bruce Brandwen (Executive Producer), Alan Hall (Producer), Nicholas Van Hoogstraten(Producer); Will Lashley (Film Editing); Peter Heady (On-Line Editor), Danny Hogan (Assistant On-Line Editor; Michael Mancini (Associate Director); Gregory P. Siers (Production Manager: Video); Justen M. Brosnan (Makeup Artist: Mr. Hasselhoff); John Bianchi (Audio: Video), Phil Gitomer (Sound: Video), David Hewitt (Sound: Video), Ryan Hewitt (Sound: Video), Matt Kaplowitz (Sound Producer: Broadwaysurround), Sean Mcclintock (Sound: Video), Natasha Padilla (Sound Editor: Broadwaysurround), Ken Takeuchi (Sound Editor: Broadwaysurround); Alan Adelman (Lighting Designer), Ron Balton (Camera Operator: Video), David Cabano (Camera Operator: Video), Al Cialino (Camera Operator: Video), Jim Covello (Focus Puller: Video (As James Covello)), Beverly Emmons (Lighting Designer: Stage), Charlie Huntley (Camera Operator: Video), James Lytle (Camera Operator: Video), Jeff Muhlstock (Camera Operator: Video), Kevin Murphy (Focus Puller: Video), Mark Nathan (Video Tape Operator), Lyn Noland (Camera Operator: Video (As Lyn Nolano)), Larry Solomon (Camera Operator: Video), Ron Washburn (Camera Operator: Video), Len Wechsler (Camera Operator: Videoanimation Department), David Rosen (Computer Animator: Video); Bob Benedetti (Utilities: Video), Russell Bennett (Assistant: Mr. Hasselhoff, Video), Frank Bourassa (Utilities: Video), Tom Carroll (Utilities: Video), Jesse Cory (Production Assistant: Video), J.W. Griffith (Technical Director: Video), Alan Hall (Production Coordinator: Video), John Javakian (Production Assistant: Video), Michael Kinter (Business and Labor Affairs: Video), Versa Manos (Publicist), Steven Paul Mark (Business and Labor Affairs: Video), Mike Moran (Utilities: Video), Lesley Jill Nathan (Operations Coordinator: Video), Paul Patelmo (Utilities: Video), Matty Randazzo (Video), Vito Randazzo (Video), Paul Ranieri (Video), Robyn Sklaren (Production Assistant: Video), Christine Van Kipnls (Production Assistant: Video), Jim Washburn (Utilities: Video) and Adam Wolman (Chyron: Video)

Logo BTN - Broadway Television NetworkAs Executive Vice President (and shareholder) of short-lived Broadway Television Network, established in 2000 as a Pay-Per-View network dedicated to presenting shows presented under the banner, “Live from Broadway, One Night Only“.  Clash of vision (and personality): they wanted PPV special events, I wanted to stream through membership and sell downloads ongoing.  I lost the battle, and left a few months later.  History proved me right.

Kay Kopolvitz (Chairman of the Board); Bruce Brandwen (CEO); Don Roy King (TV Creative Director); Jerry Zaks (Stage Creative Director); Toby Simkin (Executive Vice President); Nick van Hoogstraten (Vice President Production) & Susan Lee (Director of Marketing).


 Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway) Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway) Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway) Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway)Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway)Jekyll Hyde Broadway ProgramJekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 04 Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 05 Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 06 Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 02 Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 07 Jekyll Hyde Broadway Film capture 03

A copy of the digital PPV program (in PDF) can be read here.

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