Project Description

Jane Eyre (Hangzhou & China Tour)

Jane Eyre《简爱》(China)

The development and subsequent touring of a Chinese musical version of Jane Eyre《简爱》by Charlotte Bronte with Chinese book & lyrics by Wang Lingyun 王凌云 and composed by Qi Feng 祁峰 which opened on September 1, 2013 at the Hangzhou Theatre in China prior to Chinese tour.

Produced by Ke Chaoping 柯朝平 and Liang Qing 梁卿 for the Hangzhou Theatre 杭州剧院; Consulting Producers Toby Simkin 沈途彬 (Broadway); John Crozman (Canada) and Lee Jung Woo 李贞宇 이정우 (South Korea); Executive Produced by Chen Xuhua 陈旭华 and Li Jing 李静; Associated Produced by Zhu Yimin 朱益民 and Fei Chenghua费成华.

Directed by Wang Xiaoying 王晓鹰; Artistic Direction by Liang Qing 梁卿; Choreography by Cao Peizhong 曹沛仲; Sets Designed by Lan Ling 蓝玲; Costumes Designed by Xiong Yanping 熊延平; Lighting Design by Zhou Zhengping 周正平 and Sound Designed by Shen Longxiang 沈龙翔.

Starring Liang Qing as Rochester (梁卿饰演罗切斯特) and Zhang Xiaomin as Jane Eyre (章小敏饰演简爱)

General Managed by Li Caifen 李彩芬; Dramaturgy by Mi Guoqiang 米国强; Lighting operated by Huang Wenjie 黄文杰; Subtitles by Chen Weihua 陈炜桦; Wardrobe Supervision by Chen Yuting 陈雨婷; Production Assistant: Li Jing 陈雨 and Marketing & Publicity by Wu Yuanyuan 吴圆圆

China National Symphony Orchestra 中国国家交响乐团弦乐队演奏: Cheng Yawei 程亚威, Tao Yi 陶逸, Yang Ying 杨颖, Zhang Ning 张宁, Lou Bo 娄博, Wang Peng 王鹏, fan Weihan 范维汉, Liu Yang 刘洋, Zheng Kailin 郑凯林, Dong Zhimin 董智敏, Yan Hong 阎红, Zhao Baihua 赵白桦, Yang Xiaoqian 杨小倩, Jian Qin 简勤, Fu Wei 付威, Ma Yanchun 马艳春, fan Weibin 范维斌, Zhao Dan 赵丹, Zhang Yingying 张莹莹, Li Cheng 李成,  Zhao Bin 赵滨, Zhang Bo 张博, Ren Bizhou 任弼洲 and Zhai Xing 翟行.  Recorded by: Li Wei 李巍 and Mixed by: Li Yuesong 李岳松.


The musical, based on Charlotte Bronte’s classical novel, includes a well-received twist in which the character of the author herself appears as pen pal and confidante of the female protagonist and warns her to stay away from men and marriage.

This production of Jane Eyre was a commercial hit in China that toured over 50 cities throughout China in 2013/2014 in the China International Performing Theatre Alliance network and went onto Seoul, South Korea to open at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on September 2014. This production was rated as a key cultural export project of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce in 2013-2014 and the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural ‘Excellent Support Project’ in 2013.

Jane Eyre《简爱》China

Jane Eyre 2013 Hangzhou photo Zhang Xiaomin as Jane Eyre and Liang Qing as Rochester on stairs Jane Eyre 2013 Hangzhou photo Liang Qing as Rochester Jane Eyre 2013 Hangzhou photo Zhang Xiaomin as Jane EyreJANE EYRE 2013 China photo 01