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Hello, Dolly! (Vancouver)


Hello, Dolly! with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and a book by Michael Stewart based on the play ‘The Matchmaker’ by Thornton Wilder, opened at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on July 26, 1994 and ran until July 21, 1994 where it played to sold-out houses. It then toured North America until February 1997 and additionally played Broadway, opening on October 19, 1995 at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

Produced by Manny Kladitis, Magic Promotions & Theatricals and PACE Theatrical Group, Inc.

Directed and Staged by Lee Roy Reams; Original production directed and choreographed by Gower Champion; Associate Choreographer: Bill Bateman (later by Randy Slovacek); Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang; Dance arrangements by Peter Howard; Musical Director: Tim Stella (later by Brian W. Tidwell); Scenic Design by Oliver Smith; Costume Design by Freddy WittopJonathan Bixby; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Sound Design by Peter J. Fitzgerald; Scenic Supervision: Rosaria Sinisi.

Starring: Carol Channing (Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi), James Darrah (Ambrose Kemper), Christine DeVito (Ermengarde), Michael DeVries (Cornelius Hackl), Cory English (Barnaby Tucker), Jay Garner (Horace Vandergelder), Florence Lacey (Irene Molloy), Lori Ann Mahl (Minnie Fay), Steve Pudenz (Rudolph), Monica M. Wemitt (Ernestina), John Bantay (Ensemble), Desta Barbieri (Ensemble), Bill Bateman (Judge / Ensemble), Kimberly Bellmann (Ensemble), Bruce Blanchard (Ensemble), Stephen Bourneuf (Ensemble), Julian Brightman (Stanley / Ensemble), Holly Cruikshank (Ensemble), Simone Gee (Ensemble), Jason Gillman (Ensemble), Milica Govich (Ensemble), Elizabeth Green (Mrs. Rose / Ensemble), Donald Ives (Ensemble), Dan LoBuono (Ensemble), Jim Madden (Ensemble), Halden Michaels (Court Clerk / Ensemble), Sharon Moore (Horse / Ensemble), Michael Quinn (Ensemble), Robert Randle (Ensemble), Mitch Rosengarten (Ensemble), Mary Setrakian (Ensemble), Clarence M. Sheridan (Ensemble), Randy Slovacek (Ensemble), Roger Preston Smith (Ensemble), Ashley Stover (Ensemble) and Michele Tibbitts (Horse)

Swings: Kevin M. Burrows, Jennifer Joan Joy, John Salvatore and Matthew A. Sipress

Standby: Florence Lacey (Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi)

Understudies: Julian Brightman (Barnaby Tucker), Christine DeVito (Minnie Fay), Milica Govich (Mrs. Rose), Elizabeth Green (Ernestina), Dan LoBuono (Ambrose Kemper), Jim Madden (Cornelius Hackl), Halden Michaels (Judge), Steve Pudenz (Horace Vandergelder), Mary Setrakian (Irene Molloy), Matthew A. Sipress (Stanley), Roger Preston Smith (Rudolph / Court Clerk) and Michele Tibbitts (Ermengarde).

Production Supervised by Jerry Herman.

General Manager: Niko Associates, Inc. (Manny Kladitis, Founder and President).

Production Coordinator: Thomas P. Carr; Production Stage Manager: Thomas P. Carr (later by Michael McEowen); Stage Manager: Louise Currie; Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Biondi.

Conducted by Tim Stella (later Conducted by Brian W. Tidwell); Associate Conductor / Keyboards: Sheila Walker; Percussion: Joe DeLuca; Trumpet: Larry Pyatt.

Casting: Mark Reiner; National Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; National Advertising: LeDonne, Wilner, & Weiner, Inc.; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin.


Scott Bridges (Barnaby Tucker ), Jack Davison (Rudolph ), Monica Lee Gradischek (Minnie Fay), Jeanne Lehman (Irene Molloy), Herman Petras (Horace Vandergelder), Lee Roy Reams (Cornelius Hackl), Jim Walton (Cornelius Hackl), Eddie Buffum (Horse / Court Clerk / Ensemble), Steven Michael Daley (Ensemble), Lindsay Dyett (Ensemble), Douglass Fraser (Ensemble), Ron Gibbs (Horse / Ensemble), Julie L. Harkness (Ensemble), Kevin P. Hill (Ensemble), Quanda Johnson (Ensemble), Russ Jones (Ensemble), Donna Kapral (Ensemble), George M. Livengood (Ensemble), Judi Mann (Mrs. Rose / Ensemble), Jayme McDaniel (Ensemble), Christopher Regan (Ensemble), Michael Shames (Stanley / Ensemble), Stephanie Sheppard (Horse / Ensemble), Roger Preston Smith (Judge), Nicole Ruth Snelson (Horse / Ensemble), Megan Thomas ( Ensemble) and Keith Wilson (Ensemble)

Swings: Michael Biondi and Bruce Lineberry

Standby: Monica M. Wemitt (Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi),

Understudies: James Darrah (Cornelius Hackl), Jennifer Joan Joy (Irene Molloy), Judi Mann (Ernestina), Christopher Regan (Judge), Clarence M. Sheridan (Ambrose Kemper), Randy Slovacek (Barnaby Tucker) and Ashley Stover (Ermengarde).

Presenting Carol Channing in her final revival North American tour of Hello, Dolly! was such a joy. The Harmonia Gardens staircase may have gotten narrower with each revival tour as Ms. Channing got older, but her legendary performance as Dolly Gallagher Levi got greater. And off-stage, she was even more a treasure with hilarious stories of her husbands.

logo HQE Vancouver smallAs CEO of Headquarters Entertainment Corporation (“HQE”) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  HQE managed group sales and marketing promotion for the majority of Broadway musical theatre tours on behalf of various presenters in the mid 1990’s.

Carol Channing opened in the role on Broadway on Jan. 16, 1964. The final curtain descended for Carol Channing as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly! On the final stop of the tour at Austin’s Bass Concert Hall on the evening of February 23, 1997. Carol Channing had played Dolly more than 5,000 times.

The red satin, sequin-bedecked costume, designed by Freddy Wittop, that Carol Channing wore during Hello, Dolly! was donated to the Smithsonian by Channing and Manny Kladitis, following the thirtieth anniversary tour of the show. It is currently on display at th