Green Bird (Broadway)

The Green Bird (Broadway)

The Green Bird by Carlo Gozzi as translated by Albert Bermel and Ted Emery and additional text by Eric Overmyer and music by Elliot Goldenthal; “Oh Foolish Heart” lyrics by David Suehsdorf opened at the Cort Theatre on Broadway on April 18, 2000 and closed on June 04, 2000 after 15 previews and 56 performances garnering a total gross of $1,787,997 from 37,182 patrons.

Produced by Theatre for a New Audience (Jeffrey Horowitz, Artistic Director), Nina Lannan, and OSTAR Enterprises. Originally produced at The New Victory Theatre in March, 1996 by Theatre for a New Audience (Jeffrey Horowitz, Artistic Director); Subsequently presented at LaJolla Playhouse (Michael Greif, Artistic Director; Terrence Dwyer, Managing Director)

Directed by Julie Taymor; Musical Staging by Daniel Ezralow; Musical Director: Rick Martinez; Scenic Design by Christine Jones; Costume Design by Constance Hoffman; Lighting Design by Donald Holder; Mask & Puppet Design by Julie Taymor; Sound Design by Jon Weston; Wig & Make-Up Design by Steven W. Bryant and Projection Design by Elaine J. McCarthy.

Starring Ken Barnett (Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer); Reg E. Cathey (Brighella); Didi Conn (Smeraldina); Ned Eisenberg (Truffaldino); Ramón Flowers (Dancing Water / Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer); Edward Hibbert (Tartagliona); Lee Lewis (Pompea); Katie MacNichol (Barbarina); Sarah Jane Nelson (Singing Apple / Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer); Kristine Nielsen (Ninetta); Meredith Patterson (Singing Apple / Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer); Sebastian Roché (Renzo); Sophia Salguero (Singing Apple Soloist / Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer); Derek Smith (Tartaglia); Bruce Turk (The Green Bird); Erico Villanueva (Dancing Water Soloist / Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer) and Andrew Weems (Pantalone / Voice of Calmon / Beauticians) with understudies Ken Barnett (Renzo, The Green Bird), Bill Cohen (Truffaldino, Pantalone, Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer), Ramón Flowers (Dancing Water Soloist), Jan Leslie Harding (Ninetta, Smeraldina, Singing Apple, Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer), Reggie Montgomery (Brighella, Tartaglia, Tartagliona), Sarah Jane Nelson (Singing Apple Soloist), Tricia Paoluccio (Pompea, Barbarina, Singing Apple, Servant / Marching Band / Puppeteer) and Meredith Patterson (Barbarina, Pompea)

Assistant Director: Kamyar Atabai; Associate Scenic Design: Todd Potter; Assistant Scenic Design: Evan Alexander, Larry Gruber, and Joanie Schaffer; Assistant to the Scenic Designer: Betsy Ayer; Associate Costume Design: Marion Williams; Assistant Costume Design: Jennifer Halpern; Associate Lighting Design: Traci Klainer; Assistant Lighting Design: Lara Bohon, Michele Disco, Douglas Cox, and Michelle Habeck; Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Hilary Manners; Assistant Sound Design: Jason Strengfeld

General Manager: Nina Lannan & Associates and Devin M. Keudell; Associate Company Manager: Maggie Edelman; Production Manager: Arthur Siccardi; Production Stage Manager: Kristen Harris; Stage Manager: Amanda Sloan; Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Marik; Flying Designer: Paul Rubin; Flying effects provided by ZFX, Inc.; Casting: Deborah Brown; Press Representative: The Publicity Office; Marketing: The Walton Group; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin  / BuyBroadway Inc.; Vocal Director: Joseph Church; Dance Captain: Tricia Paoluccio

Percussion: Bill Ruyle; Violin: Antoine Silverman; Woodwinds / Keyboard: Bruce Williamson

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The Green Bird is a wicked comedy of outrageous characters which tells of both a king who longs for his wife, and brother-and-sister twins searching for their true identities.

The Green Bird

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