Project Description

The Grand Adventure

The Queensland Marionette Theatre

The Grand Adventure at the Arts Theatre, on Petrie Terrace Brisbane, from August 11 to 23, 1980 produced by Phillip Edmiston’s Queensland Marionette Theatre and TheatreStrings.

This was a big budget children’s musical about the sailing to Australia of Captain Cook on the Endeavour, and returning to London to give gifts to King George.  Featuring about 100 marionette characters including Dame Nellie Melba as a sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Directed by Phillip Edmiston. Stage Managed by Toby Simkin; Narration by Reg Gillam, with Book and Lyrics by Hal Saunders, Composed by Eric Gross, Set & Costume Designs by Anthony Babicci. David Collins was lead puppet maker with Joyce Harris leading costume fabrication.

The Grand Adventure
Queensland Marionette Theatre