Full Monty (Broadway)

The Full Monty (Broadway & Tour)

THE FULL MONTY with book by Terrence McNally and music & lyrics by David Yazbek, had its Broadway premiere at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre with an opening night on October 26, 2000 and ran for 770 performances (plus 35 previews) prior to closing on September 1, 2002.

Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures, Lindsay Law and Thomas Hall (World premiere at Old Globe Theatre (Jack O’Brien, Artistic Director; Douglas C. Evans, Managing Director; Craig Noel, Executive Director)

Directed by Jack O’Brien; Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell; Scenic Design by John Arnone; Costume Design by Robert Morgan; Lighting Design by Howell Binkley; Sound Design by Tom Clark; Music orchestrated by Harold Wheeler; Dance arrangements by Zane Mark and Musical Director, vocal and incidental music arrangements by Ted Sperling.

Starring John Ellison Conlee (Dave Bukatinsky), Nicholas Cutro (Nathan Lukowski Alternate), Jason Danieley (Malcolm MacGregor), Lisa Datz (Pam Lukowski), André De Shields (Noah “Horse” T. Simmons), Jay Douglas (Minister),Laura Marie Duncan (Susan Hershey), Thomas Michael Fiss (Nathan LukowskiAlternate), Angelo Fraboni (Teddy Slaughter), Kathleen Freeman (Jeanette Burmeister Sep 25, 2000 – Aug 18, 2001), Romain Frugé (Ethan Girard), Annie Golden (Georgie Bukatinsky), Denis Jones (Buddy “Keno” Walsh), Jannie Jones(Joanie Lish), Liz McConahay (Estelle Genovese), Marcus Neville (Harold Nichols), Patti Perkins (Molly MacGregor), Emily Skinner (Vicki Nichols Sep 25, 2000 – Apr 14, 2002), Jimmy Smagula (Tony Giordano) E. Smith (Police Sergeant), Todd Weeks (Reg Willoughby) and Patrick Wilson (Jerry Lukowski Sep 25, 2000 – Nov 04, 2001)

Swings: Sue-Anne Morrow, Jason Opsahl, Matthew Stocke and Ronald Wyche

Understudies: Jay Douglas (Jerry Lukowski, Malcolm MacGregor), Laura Marie Duncan (Georgie Bukatinsky, Estelle Genovese, Pam Lukowski, Vicki Nichols), Angelo Fraboni (Buddy “Keno” Walsh), Denis Jones (Ethan Girard), Jannie Jones (Georgie Bukatinsky), Liz McConahay (Vicki Nichols), Sue-Anne Morrow(Georgie Bukatinsky, Estelle Genovese, Pam Lukowski), Jason Opsahl (Malcolm MacGregor, Ethan Girard), Patti Perkins (Jeanette Burmeister), Jimmy Smagula(Dave Bukatinsky), C. E. Smith (Noah “Horse” T. Simmons), Matthew Stocke (Jerry Lukowski), Todd Weeks (Harold Nichols) and Ronald Wyche (Noah “Horse” T. Simmons)

Assistant Director: Philip Shneidman; Assistant Choreographer: Michele Lynch; Associate Scenic Design: Brian Webb; Associate Costume Design: Michele K. Short; Associate Lighting Design: Mark T. Simpson; Associate Sound Design: Nevin Steinberg

General Manager: The Charlotte Wilcox Company; Company Manager: Dave Harris, later replaced by Matthew Markoff.

Production Supervisor: Gene O’Donovan; Production Stage Manager: Nancy Harrington; Stage Manager: Julie Baldauff, later replaced by Stephen R. Gruse; Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew Aaron Stern

Casting: Liz Woodman Casting; Press Representative: Barlow-Hartman Public Relations; Dance Captain: Denis Jones; Marketing: The Walton Group; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / Theatre.ccom Inc.; Press Associate: Joseph Perrotta; Production Assistant: Stephen R. Gruse.

Conducted by Kimberly Grigsby; Associate Conductor: Zane Mark; Assistant Conductor: Howard Joines; Reeds: Lino Gomez and Paul Vercesi; Trumpets: Bob Millikan and Kevin Batchelor; Trombones: Mike Boschen and Herb Besson; Keyboards: Zane Mark; Piano: Dan Lipton; Guitar: Steve Bargonetti; Bass: Chris Smylie; Drums: Dean Sharenow; Percussion: Howard Joines; Musical Coordinator: Ronald Sell; Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation


Cast Replacements: Heidi Blickenstaff (Broadway debut Susan Hershey Dec 2001 – Mar 2002), Andréa Burns (Vicki Nichols Apr 16, 2002 – Sep 01, 2002), Kevin M. Burrows (Minister), Lori Chase (Susan Hershey), Will Chase (Jerry Lukowski Nov 06, 2001 – Sep 01, 2002), Jane Connell (During Kathleen Freeman’s vacation – Jeanette Burmeister Jul 03, 2001 – Jul 15, 2001 and again Aug 25, 2001 – Sep 01, 2002), Chris Diamantopoulos (Ethan Girard Nov 20, 2001 – ?), Jay Douglas(Malcolm MacGregor), Danny Gurwin (Malcolm MacGregor Nov 20, 2001 – ?), Dennis Michael Hall (Nathan Lukowski Alternate), Carol Linnea Johnson(Broadway debut Pam Lukowski), Sloan Just (Estelle Genovese), Larry Marshall(Noah “Horse” T. Simmons Nov 20, 2001 – ?), James Moye (Teddy Slaughter), Aaron Nutter (Nathan Lukowski Alternate), Connor Paolo (Nathan LukowskiAlternate), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Dave Bukatinsky Nov 20, 2001 – ?), Steven Skybell (Harold Nichols Nov 20, 2001 – ?), Sal Viviano (Reg Willoughby Aug 2001 – Jan 2002) and Sarah Zimmerman (Susan Hershey)

Swings: Kate Baldwin, Julie Foldesi, Patti Mariano, James Moye, Courtney Young and Sarah Zimmerman

Understudies: Heidi Blickenstaff (Vicki Nichols), Lori Chase (Estelle Genovese, Vicki Nichols, Jeanette Burmeister), Jay Douglas (Buddy “Keno” Walsh), Sloan Just (Georgie Bukatinsky), Matthew Stocke (Harold Nichols), Paul Whitty and Sarah Zimmerman (Estelle Genovese, Pam Lukowski)

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The Full Monty

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