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Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Broadway)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Broadway & Tour)

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM with a book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart; Music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim opened at the St. James Theatre on Broadway on April 18, 1996 and closed on January 4, 1998 after a run of 35 previews and 715 performances.

Produced by Jujamcyn Theaters (James H. Binger: Chairman; Rocco Landesman: President; Paul Libin: Producing Director; Jack Viertel: Creative Director), Scott Rudin, Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Viertel-Baruch-Frankel Group, Roger Berlind and Dodger Productions; Associate Producer: Marc Routh, Perseus Productions and TV Asahi.

Directed by Jerry Zaks; Choreographed by Rob Marshall; Scenic & Costume Design by Tony Walton; Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick; Dance arrangements by David Chase; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Tony Meola; Hair Design by David H. Lawrence.

Starring Nathan Lane (Prologus an actor / Pseudolus slave to Hero – Mar 18, 1996 – Feb 09, 1997), Jessica Boevers (Philia a virgin), William Duell (Erronius a citizen of Rome), Cris Groenendaal (Miles Gloriosus a warrior), Mark Linn-Baker (Hysterium slave to Senex & Domina), Ernie Sabella (Lycusa buyer & seller of courtesans), Lewis J. Stadlen (Senex a citizen of Rome), Jim Stanek (Hero son of Senex and Domina), Mary Testa (Domina wife of Senex), Brad Aspel (Protean), Cory English (Protean), Pamela Everett (Tintinabula a courtesan), Mary Ann Lamb (Vibrata a courtesan), Susan Misner (Geminae a courtesan, one of a pair), Stephanie Pope (Gymnasia a courtesan), Ray Roderick (Protean), Lori Werner (Geminae a courtesan, one of a pair) and Leigh Zimmerman (Panacea a courtesan).

Swings: Michael Arnold, Kevin Kraft and Kristin Willit.

Standby: Bob Amaral (Pseudolus, Prologus).

Assistant Director: B.T. McNicholl; Associate Choreographer: Sarah Miles; Associate Scenic Design: Larry Gruber; Assistant Scenic Design: Mike Fagin; Assistant to Mr. Walton: Ann Keehbaugh; Associate Costume Design: Sharon Sprague; Assistant Costume Design: Mirena Rada and Nan Young; Associate Lighting Design: David Weiner; Assistant Lighting Design: Julie Duro; Associate Sound Design: Marie Renee Foucher.

General Manager: Dodger Productions; Associate General Manager: Joshua Rosenblum; Company Manager: Marcia Goldberg; Assistant Company Manager: Kimberly Kelley; Production Manager: Peter Fulbright; Production Stage Manager: Arthur Gaffin; Stage Manager: Michael Pule; Assistant Stage Manager: John F. Sullivan.

Musical Supervisor: Edward Strauss; Musical Coordinator: Seymour ‘Red’ Press; Conducted by Edward Strauss; Associate Conductor: Lawrence Yurman; Woodwind: Les Scott, Seymour ‘Red’ Press, Virgil Blackwell, Edward Zuhlke and John Winder; Trumpet: Stu Satalof, Larry Lunetta and Kamau Adilifu; Trombone: Bruce Bonvissuto and Jack Schatz; French Horn: Paul Riggio; Percussion: Glenn Rhian and Rick Kivnick; Bass: Lou Bruno; Keyboard: Lawrence Yurman; Harp: Beth Robinson; Violin: Ronald Oakland, Alexander Vselensky, Katsuko Esaki, Maura Giannini and Melanie Baker; Cello: Scott Ballantyne and Jeffrey Szabo.

Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing Consultant: Margery Singer; Internet Marketing by Toby Simkin; Dance Captain: Michael Arnold; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Press Associate: Amy Jacobs, Stephen Pitalo and Stefanie Kastel.


Understudies: Bob Amaral (Hysterium, Lycus), MacIntyre Dixon (Senex, Erronius), Cory English (Hero), Patrick Garner (Hysterium, Lycus, Erronius), Ruth Gottschall (Domina), Kenneth Kantor (Senex, Lycus, Miles Gloriosus), Kevin Kraft (Hero), Jennifer Rosin (Philia) and Leigh Zimmerman (Gymnasia).

Replacements: Bob Amaral (Pseudolus / Prologus – Dec 02, 1997 – Jan 04, 1998), Whoopi Goldberg (Pseudolus / Prologus – Feb 11, 1997 – Jul 13, 1997), David Alan Grier (Pseudolus / Prologusan – Jul 15, 1997 – Nov 30, 1997), Mary Testa (Domina), Bob Amaral (Lycus), Holly Cruikshank (Panacea), Kena Tangi Dorsey ( Gymnasia), Pascale Faye (Vibrata), Gina Ferrall (Domin), Robert Fitch (Senex), JoAnn M. Hunter (Vibrata), Dick Latessa (Senex), Ross Lehman (Hysterium), Carol Lee Meadows (Vibrata), Tara Nicole (Geminae), Don Stitt (Lycus), Kristin Willits (Geminae).

Replacement Swings: Shannon Hammons, George Smyros and Amiee Turner.

Replacement Understudies: Holly Cruikshank (Gymnasia), Gina Ferrall (Domina), Robert Fitch (Senex, Erronius), Kenneth Kantor (Pseudolus), David Rogers (Senex, Erronius), Don Stitt (Lycus), Kristin Willits (Vibrata) and Jessica-Snow Wilson (Philia).

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