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Forever Tango (Broadway)

Forever Tango (Broadway)

FOREVER TANGO a compilation of Argentinian music and dance opened at Walter Kerr Theatre on June 19 1997, closed at the Walter Kerr on April 5, 1998 and transferred to the Marquis Theatre to re-open on April 15, 1998 for a combined run of 4 previews and 322 performances before closing on August 2, 1998.

Produced by Steven Baruch, Richard Frankel, Thomas Viertel, Marc Routh,Jujamcyn Theaters (James H. Binger: Chairman; Rocco Landesman: President; Paul Libin: Producing Director; Jack Viertel: Creative Director) and Interamerica, Inc.; Associate Producer: Joe Watson.

Conceived & Directed by Luis Bravo; Choreographed by Miriam Larici, Diego DiFalco, Luis Castro, Claudia Mendoza, Carlos Gavito, Marcela Durán, Jorge Torres, Karina Piazza, Carlos Vera, Laura Marcarie, Guillermo Merlo, Cecilia Saia, Gabriel Ortega, Sandra Bootz, Pedro Calveyra, Nora Robles and Carolina Zokalski; Musical Director: Lisandro Adrover; Music arranged by Lisandro Adrover; Lighting Design by Luis Bravo; Costume Design by Argemira Affonso; Sound Design by Tom Craft; Make-Up Design by Jean-Luc Don Vito; Hair Design by Jean-Luc Don Vito and Assistant Director: Carlos Diaz.

Starring dancers Sandra Bootz, Pedro Calveyra, Luis Castro, Diego DiFalco, Marcela Durán, Carlos Gavito, Miriam Larici, Laura Marcarie, Claudia Mendoza, Guillermo Merlo, Gabriel Ortega,Karina Piazza, Nora Robles, Cecilia Saia, Jorge Torres, Carlos Vera, Carolina Zokalski with Carlos Morel (Singer)

General Manager: Richard Frankel Productions; Company Manager: Miguel Barreiro; New York Company Manager: Richard Biederman; New York Company Manager: Laura Heller (Apr 28, 1998 – Aug 02, 1998)

and Tour Manager: Nicoletta Becattini

Technical Supervisor: Tech Production Services, Inc. and Elliot Bertoni; Production Manager: Mark Gilmore; Stage Manager: Jorge González and New York Production Supervisor: Jim Woolley.

Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: Leanne Schanzer Promotions;  Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadwway Online Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Promotions: TMG Marketing & Publicity and Scott Walton Communications and Dance Captain: Jorge Torres.

Bandoneón: Lisandro Adrover, Hector Del Curto, Carlos Niesi and Victor Lavallén; Violin: Humberto Ridolfi and Rodion Boshoer; Viola: Oscar Hasbun; Cello: Dino Quarleri; Bass: Silvio Acosta; Piano: Fernando Marzan; Keyboards: Mario Araolaza

Dancer Replacements: Marijo Alvarez, Roberto Tonet, Marcelo Varela, Miguel Velázquez, Claudio Villagra and Lorena Yácono

Bandoneón Replacements: Miguel Varvello; Violin: Miguel Bertero and Leonardo Suarez Paz; Viola: Washington Williman; Bass: Domingo Diani; Keyboards: Jorge Vernieri

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Forever Tango (Broadway) Forever Tango (Broadway)