Project Description


Co-Producer of a one hour TV special for BBC of Debbie Travis Facelift — in honor of DJ.  Written and Hosted by Debbie Travis.  Produced by Whalley Abbey Media and Facelift Production in association with LollyGag Enterprises Inc.  Directed by Catherine Pilon, Designed by Anne Cote, Landscape Design by Kim Nakatawase, Lighting by Hugo Roy and Alexis Marcoux, Sound by Jean Asslin, Makeup by Marielle St-Laurent, Hair by Donato Ramondo.  This involved months of preparation and planning and culminating in surprise make-over of one our barns at LollyGag (on the New York/Quebec border).

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LollyGag Facelift happened on the New York / Quebec border on the July 4th weekend of 2003, with an amazing transformation of our old milk barn, fondly called “Woop Woop” was lovingly recreated as a spectacular garden retreat – a summer dining & lounging cottage as a birthday surprise for DJ.  Following the LollyGag Facelift “reveal”, a surprise birthday party was revealed with DJ’s friends and family from all around North America.


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The Facelift team has never worked on a farm before, or tackled quite as huge a job as we did when we arrived at Toby and DJ’s rural acreage. The main farmhouse is surrounded by a number of barns and sheds, and it was the milking shed that was to be transformed into a peaceful oasis, unlike anything the owners and animals had ever seen.

The milking shed was originally built to store milk, and had a hayloft above, still loaded with hay. There was an interior partition with window openings cut out for the cows’ heads to poke through as they would stand while being milked. We gutted the interior to open up the cathedral ceiling and make space for some seating and tables.

The concrete floor was cracked and filthy and would need some serious attention, but the lumber from the ceiling and floor was thick and still very solid, so we recycled these heavy old planks to make the furniture and doors.

The front door wasn’t adequate for what we had in mind, so we made a series of double doors on the side of the shed that open up to a large deck and views of an Asian-style garden.


The milking shed is aptly named Woop Woop, which Australian-born Toby told us means ‘middle of nowhere.’ The exterior shell is all that is left; it is now designed for a completely different purpose as a retreat for DJ, Toby and friends to party or relax after work in the big city.

All the hay was forked out of the loft and the ceiling removed–a horrible, dirty job made worse by the heat and rain. Once cleaned up, the interior was primed and painted a wild citrus green. Cobalt blue makes a cool contrast on the exterior of the building and the decks. These two colors are not your common country shades, but they work perfectly to set a young, lighthearted mood.

The shed floor was in dismal shape, but a company that specializes in decorative concrete came to the rescue. They unrolled a huge stencil and sprayed tinted concrete over the pattern to produce the look of flagstones. This product, first made for driveways is extremely durable and weather resistant.

Three double doors were cut into the side of the shed and open up flat against the wall so that everyone gets an unobstructed view of the garden. A cobalt blue deck outlines a perfectly designed space filled with a water fountain, fire pit, pebble paths and plants.

We had a good supply of lumber from the old ceiling and partition, which was cleaned up and recycled for benches and day beds, a table, and as part of the new double doors.

Lively colored pillows decorate the handmade benches that double as beds, and as a final whimsical touch, we fashioned an oversized chandelier from tree branches and tiny white lights. It makes a magical display.

Letter From Debbie

Hi Everyone,

This was the biggest Facelift ever. It took 40 people, including a bunch of teenage boys, 5 days and about $130,000 to complete this makeover.