Project Description

Dongs Photo Exhibition Film Poster

Dong’s Photo Exhibition (Film)

The film Dongs Photo Exhibition was written by Yan Jing 延婧, in widescreen color, in Mandarin (with Cantonese, English and Korean subtitles) released on August 20, 2012 within mainland China and on September 12, 2012 worldwide.

Produced by Ma Lin Hong 马麟鸿; Producer Toby Simkin 沈途彬; Senior Producer Jia Qi; Executive Producer by Li Jang; Co-Producers Gu Lei and Hu Qing.

Mainland China studio Gravy Boat Film Studio & the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Global studio Toby Simkin’s Broadway Entertainment LLC.

Directed by Chen You Kang 陈友康.

Starring Daniel Chen Jinying (Dong); Zhang Yi Ru (Mother); Zhao Xiao Nan (Grandma); Du Zheyu (Sam); Huang Yonghui (Uncle); Chen Yi (Model); Tang Yichun (Model); Pu Quan Lin (Motorbike Driver); Zhou Zhengwen (Nurse); Lu Shengping (Watch shopkeeper); Zhang Shenyi (Dong as Child); Wei Chenyu (Child) and Ma Kai (Child).


角色 演员
阿东 陈金晔
母亲 陈依茹
奶奶 赵肖男
SAM 杜哲宇
大叔 黄永辉
模特 陈璐
模特 唐艺纯
农用模特车主 浦泉林
护士 周正雯
表店店主 卢胜平
阿东童年 张沈忆
儿童 魏辰煊
儿童 马恺

Production Supervisor Li Jing Tian & Qiu Hai Ping; Production Design by Ma Lin Hong 马麟鸿; Technical Consultant Hua Cheng, Li Wen Tao & Lu Kai; Production Coordinator Zheng Meng; First Assistant Director Hu Yu Tong; Second Assistant Director Zhen Kai Jun; Art Direction by Zhou Ning 周宁; Director of Cinematography K. Shimomaki; Cinematography by Li Ming 李明 and Assistant Cinematography Hu Cheng Chao.

Editing Director Lu Sheng Ping; Edited by Dai Guo Hua; Visual Effects by Xu Nian Xian & Ryan Gong; Casting by Chen You Kang 陈友康; Lighting Director Pu Quan Lin; Sound by Ma Yi Chen 马翌晨; Assistant Sound Sun Yi Ze; Script Supervisor Zhou Zheng Wen; Gaffer Guo Zhong Lin & Zhu Rui; Costumes, Makeup & Hair by Yu Yu Jing & Zhang Gao Lu and Props by Lin Kunpeng 林坤鹏.

Promotions Coordinator Zhou Zhengwen 周正雯; Advertising Photography by Chen Yi Hao; Advertising Assistant Li Ji; Stills Photography by Wang Quan Hui; Poster Design by Toby Simkin 沈途彬; Subtitles by DJ Wizniak, Justin Wang & Lee Jung Woo; Best Boy Wang Jian Fu & Li Da Jun and Driver Cheng Yan.

Photographer Dong is planning a photo exhibition, but he has no photographs that he is proud of.  His grandmother call him falsely claiming that she was ill and needed Dong to come home. It turned out that his mother had been released from prison that day. Dong spent his childhood in the mockery of his classmates and was full of resentment against his mother. After going through a struggle in dealing with his relationship with his mother, Dong experienced the missing maternal love for the first time and recorded the whole process with his camera…