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Damn Yankees (Broadway & Tour)

DAMN YANKEES with a book by George Abbott & Douglass Wallop and Music & Lyrics by Richard AdlerJerry Ross opened on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre on March 3, 1994, then went on hiatus from January 1, 1995 through February 28, 1995 with an official re-opened on Broadway on March 12, 1995 and closed on August 6, 1995 after 33 previews and 519 performances. Based on the novel “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant” by Douglass Wallop; Book revisions by Jack O’Brien.

Produced by Mitchell Maxwell, PolyGram Diversified Entertainment, Dan Markley, Kevin McCollum, Victoria Maxwell, Fred H. Krones, Andrea Nasher, The Frankel-Viertel-Baruch Group, Paula Heil Fisher and Julie Ross; Produced in association with Jon B. Platt, Alan J. Schuster and Peter Breger; Associate Producer: Thomas Hall, Jennifer Manocherian, Jonathan Pillot, Andrea Pines, TDI, Inc., Mark Balsam, Meyer Ackerman, Julian Schlossberg and Workin’ Man Films, Inc. Originally produced by Old Globe Theatre (Jack O’Brien, Artistic Director; Thomas Hall, Managing Director)

Directed by Jack O’Brien; Choreographed by Rob Marshall; Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt; Costume Design by David C. Woolard; Lighting Design by David F. Segal; Sound Design by), Jonathan Deans; Hair Design by J. Roy Helland; Make-Up Design by J. Roy Helland; Musical Director: David Chase; Music orchestrated by Douglas Besterman; Dance arrangements by Tom Fay; Additional dance arrangements by David Krane and Vocal arrangements by James Raitt.

Damn Yankees (Broadway) [Poster]Starring Victor Garber (Applegate – Feb 14, 1994 – Dec 31, 1994), Bebe Neuwirth (Lola), Jarrod Emick (Joe Hardy), Dennis Kelly (Joe Boyd), Dick Latessa (Van Buren), Vicki Lewis (Gloria Thorpe – Feb 14, 1994 – Dec 31, 1994), Linda Stephens (Meg Boyd), Michael Berresse (Bomber), Jeff Blumenkrantz (Smokey), Paula Leggett Chase (Betty), Terrence P. Currier (Welch), Bruce Anthony Davis (Henry), Cory English (Bubba), John Ganun (Mickey), Gregory Jbara (Sohovik), Susan Mansur (Sister), Cynthia Onrubia (Kitty), Joey Pizzi (Vernon), Scott Robertson (Del), Amy Ryder (Photographer / Rita), Nancy Ticotin (Donna), Michael Winther (Ozzie), Scott Wise (Rocky)

Swings: Robyn Peterman and Mark Santoro

Standby: Patrick Quinn (Applegate)

Understudies: Michael Berresse (Joe Hardy), Paula Leggett Chase (Meg Boyd), John Ganun (Joe Hardy), Robyn Peterman (Gloria Thorpe), Scott Robertson (Joe Boyd, Van Buren, Welch), Amy Ryder (Sister) and Nancy Ticotin(Lola)


Replacement Cast: Jerry Lewis (Applegate – Feb 28, 1995 – Aug 06, 1995), Charlotte d’Amboise (Lola – Feb 28, 1995 – Aug 06, 1995), Eric Kunze (Joe Hardy), Liz Larsen (Gloria Thorpe – Feb 28, 1995 – Aug 06, 1995), Jason Workman(Joe Hardy), Mel Allen (Stadium Voice), Karen Babcock (Kitty), John Bolton (Ozzie / Stadium P.A. Announcer / Lo-Tone / Play-by-Play Announcer), Bill Brassea (Bubba), Meg Bussert (Rita / Photographer), Mark Chmiel (Smokey / Voice of TV Sportscaster), David Elder (Bomber / Lo-Tone), Allen Fitzpatrick (Del – May 1995 – Aug 06, 1995), Louis D. Giovannetti (Voice of Narrator / Sohovik), JoAnn M. Hunter (Kitty / Hi-Tone), Gregory Jbara (Voice of Narrator), Troy Britton Johnson (Mickey / Lo-Tone), Roxie Lucas (Lulu / Photographer), Penny Ayn Maas (Betty / Hi-Tone), Rod McCune (Rocky), Christopher Monteleone (Mickey), Robb Edward Morris (Bomber), Cynthia Onrubia (Hi-Tone), Scott Robertson (Ad Executive), Malinda Shaffer (Donna / Hi-Tone)

Replacement Swings: Linda Gabler, Rod McCune, Jim T. Ruttman and David A. Wood

Replacement Standby: Valerie Wright (Lola)

Replacement Understudies: Meg Bussert (Meg Boyd), David Elder (Joe Hardy), Allen Fitzpatrick (Van Buren, Welch, Joe Boyd), Linda Gabler (Gloria Thorpe), Troy Britton Johnson (Joe Hardy), Roxie Lucas (Sister) and Malinda Shaffer (Lola, Gloria Thorpe)

Assistant Director: Will Roberson; Assistant Choreographer: Kathleen Marshall; Associate Lighting Design: Susan A. White; Assistant to Mr. Schmidt: Randall K. Richards; Assistant to Mr. Woolard: Tracy Christensen; Personal Assistant to Mr. Segal: Alexandra Pontone

General Manager: Charlotte W. Wilcox; Company Manager: Robb Lady later replaced by Bruce Kagel; Associate General Manager: Susan Sampliner

Production Stage Manager: Douglas Pagliotti later replaced by Maureen F. Gibson; Stage Manager later added withCosmo P. Hanson; Production Supervisor: Alan Hall; Technical Supervisor: John Wolf; Assistant Stage Manager: Cosmo P. Hanson later replaced by James Mountcastle.

Casting: Jay Binder; National Press Representative: Peter Cromarty & Company; Assistant Press Representative: Bill Klemm; Dance Captain: Cynthia Onrubia; Production Coordinator: Lesley Mazzotta; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Baseball Consultant: Barry Weinberg; Photographer: Martha Swope and Associates; Promotions: Keith Hurd; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.; Special Effects by Gregory Meeh; Pianos by Baldwin

Musical Coordinator: William Meade; Musical Continuity by James Raitt; Associate Conductor: Robert Hirschhorn and