Project Description


Associate Producer of THE CRUCIBLE, a drama, opened at the Virginia Theatre, Broadway on March 7, 2002 and closed on June 9, 2002, having grossed USD $7,657,715 during a run of 102 performances and 19 paid previews (previews began on February 16, 2002), with an average ticket price of $66.86. The Crucible played one additional performance on June 9, 2002 as a benefit for The Actors Fund.

Arthur Miller’s tale of the Salem witch trials, in which a group of girls accuse upstanding women in the town of witchcraft to divert suspicion from their own activities, has been seen as an allegory for Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusades of the 1950s.

Written by Arthur Miller; Produced by David Richenthal, Manocherian / Leve / Boyett, Max Cooper, Allan S. Gordon, Roy Furman, US Productions, Élan V. McAllister, Adam Epstein and Margo Lion; Produced in association with Dede Harris, Morton Swinsky, Clear Channel Entertainment, Old Ivy Productions, Jujamcyn Theaters, Jeffrey Ash, Dori Berinstein, Roni Selig, Margaret McFeely Golden, Michael Skipper, Gene Korf and Robert Cole; Associate Produced by Toby Simkin, Eric Falkenstein and Debbie Bisno; Produced by special arrangement with The Roundabout Theatre Company;

Directed by Richard Eyre; Original music by David Van Tieghem; Set & Costume Design by Tim Hatley; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Scott Myers and Wig Design by Paul Huntley.

STARRING Laura Linney (Elizabeth Proctor); Liam Neeson (John Proctor); Tom Aldredge (Giles Corey); Angela Bettis (Abigail Williams); John Benjamin Hickey (Reverend John Hale); Brian Murray (Deputy-Governor Danforth); Christopher Evan Welch (Reverend Samuel Parris); Stephen Lee Anderson (Hopkins); Kristen Bell (Susanna Walcott); Laura Breckenridge (Girl in courtroom); Jennifer Carpenter (Mary Warren); Betsy Hogg (Betty Parris); J. R. Horne (Judge Hawthorne); Patrice Johnson (Tituba); Sevrin Anne Mason (Mercy Lewis); Paul O’Brien (Thomas Putnam); Jeanne Paulsen (Ann Putnam); Frank Raiter (Francis Nurse); Lise Bruneau (Voice of Martha Corey); Jack Willis (Marshall Herrick); Helen Stenborg (Rebecca Nurse); Dale Soules (Sarah Good) and Henry Stram (Ezekiel Cheever)

WITH Lise Bruneau (Understudy for Elizabeth Proctor); Paul O’Brien  (Understudy for John Proctor); MacIntyre Dixon (Understudy for Giles Corey); Jennifer Carpenter (Understudy for Abigail Williams); Michael Winther (Understudy for Reverend John Hale); J. R. Horne (Understudy for Deputy-Governor Danforth); Michael Winther (Understudy for Reverend Samuel Parris); Stephen Lee Anderson (Understudy for Reverend Samuel Parris); Michael Winther (Understudy for Hopkins); Laura Breckenridge (Understudy for Susanna Walcott); Kristen Bell (Understudy for Mary Warren); Laura Breckenridge (Understudy for Betty Parris); MacIntyre Dixon (Understudy for Judge Hawthorne); Marsha Stephanie Blake (Understudy for Tituba); Laura Breckenridge (Understudy for Mercy Lewis); Stephen Lee Anderson (Understudy for Thomas Putnam); Lise Bruneau (Understudy for Ann Putnam); MacIntyre Dixon (Understudy for Francis Nurse); Marsha Stephanie Blake (Understudy for Voice of Martha Corey); Stephen Lee Anderson (Understudy for Marshall Herrick); Dale Soules (Understudy for Rebecca Nurse); Lise Bruneau (Understudy for Sarah Good); Michael Winther (Understudy for Ezekiel Cheever) and MacIntyre Dixon (Understudy for Ezekiel Cheever).

Associate Set Designer: Michael Brown; Associate Costume Designer: Ilona Somogyi; Assistant Costume Designer: Frank Champa; Associate Lighting Designer: Philip Rosenberg; Assistant Sound Designer: Robert Kaplowitz; Dialect and Vocal Coach: Deborah Hecht; Casting by Daniel Swee, C.S.A.; Casting Assistant: Mele Nagier; Technical Supervisor: O’Donovan & Bradford, Gene O’Donovan and David Bradford; Production Stage Manager: Susie Cordon and Stage Managed by Laura Brown-MacKinnon.

General Managed by Robert Cole Productions; Company Managed by Lisa M. Poyer; Management Associate: Grant A. Rice and Erika Shannon; Child Guardian: Kathleen A. Hogg; Press Representative: Richard Kornberg and Don Summa; Press Assistant: Carrie Friedman; Press Intern: Cori Poff; Marketing Online by Toby Simkin; Marketing by The Walton Group, Scott Walton and Hugh Hysell; Group Sales by Showtix and Pat Daily; Advertising by SpotCo, Drew Hodges and Darby Lunceford; Photographer: Inge Morath and Joan Marcus; Artwork Photographer: Firooz Zahed; Video Services by Journey Entertainment and Peter Bloch; Merchandising by Show Propery, Inc, and Randi Grossman; Theatre Displays by King Display and Wayne Sapper.

Production Carpenter: Tony Menditto; Head Carpenter: David N. Anderson [for the Virginia Theatre]; Automation Operator: Bruce E. Thiel; Production Electrician: Patrick T. Gilmore; Head Electrician: Donald Beck [for the Virginia Theatre]; Production Props: Michael Pilipski; Head of Props: Scott Murain [for the Virginia Theatre]; Production Sound Engineer: Clayton R. Steward; Wardrobe Supervisor: Lorraine M. Borek; Mr. Neeson’s Dresser Kathe Mull; Ms. Linney’s Dresser Dana Goodfried; Dresser: Sandy Binion and David Oliver; Costume Construction by Eric Wintering, Inc., CosProp and Jennifer Love Costumes; Millinery by Lynne Mackey Studio; Shoes by Great Northern Boot Company; Production Hair Supervisor: David H. Lawrence; Moving Light Programmer: David Arch and Paul J. Sonnleitner; Production Assistant: Jennifer Cicelsky and Tanya M. Gillette.

Assistant to Mr. Richenthal: Judy Insel; Assistant to Mr. Neeson: Joanna Cannon; Production Intern: Stacey McMath; Legal Counsel: John Breglio and David Berlin; Insurance by Marsh USA Inc. and Robert Boyar; Payroll by C.S.I.. and Lance Castellana; Accounting by Lutz & Carr and Anna Stewart Fitzroy, CPA; Travel Services by Linden Travel and ProTravel, Inc; Rehearsal Space at the New 42nd Street Studios and at the Manhattan Theatre Club; Scenery Construction by Showman Fabricators, Inc,; Automation by Feller Precision, Inc.; Lighting Supply by Fourth Phase Lighting Inc. and Sound Equipment by Sound Associates.

  • SSDC: The Director is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc. an independent national labor union.
  • EQUITY: The Actors and Stage Managers employed in this production are members of Actor’s Equity Association, The union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.
  • USA: United Scenic Artists represents the designers and scenic painters for the American Theatre.
  • IATSE: Backstage and Front of House Employees are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  • ATPAM: The Press Agents, Company and House Managers employed in this production are represented by the Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers.


  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Revival of a Play to The Crucible;
  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Actor in a Play to Liam Neeson;
  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Actress in a Play to Laura Linney;
  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Direction of a Play to Richard Eyre;
  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Featured Actor in a Play to Brian Murray;
  • TONY AWARD NOMINATION for Best Lighting Design (Play or Musical) to Paul Gallo;
  • DRAMA DESK AWARD NOMINEE for Outstanding Actor In A Play to Liam Neeson;
  • DRAMA DESK AWARD NOMINEE for Outstanding Director Of A Play to Richard Eyre;
  • DRAMA DESK AWARD NOMINEE for Outstanding Featured Actor In A Play to Brian Murray;
  • DRAMA DESK AWARD NOMINEE for Outstanding Revival Of A Play to The Crucible;
  • DRAMA LEAGUE WINNER for Distinguished Production Of A Revival to The Crucible;
  • OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE NOMINATION for Outstanding Revival Of A Play to The Crucible;
  • OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE NOMINATION for Outstanding Actor In A Play to Liam Neeson;
  • OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE NOMINATION for Outstanding Actress In A Play to Laura Linney;

Note The Crucible first opened on Broadway January 22, 1953, at the Martin Beck Theatre.  Prior to my 2002 production, The Crucible had three revivals on Broadway, 1964 at the Belasco Theatre, 1972 at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre and in 1991, again at the Belasco, in which Martin Sheen and Maryann Plunkett played the leads.

The Crucible, set in Salem, Massachusetts, is Arthur Miller’s powerful and haunting drama that compares the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s to the Salem witch hunts of 1692. Petty bickering, a bit of dancing, affairs, all lead to accusations of witchcraft amongst the townspeople. Family stresses and small-town intrigue lead to false confessions, despair and the ultimate consequences.