The Civil War (Broadway)

The Civil War (Broadway)

THE CIVIL WAR by Gregory Boyd and Frank Wildhorn, with lyrics by Jack Murphy and music by Frank Wildhorn opened at The St. James Theatre on Broadway on April 22, 1999 and played 61 performances (plus 35 previews) through to June 13, 1999.

Produced by Pierre Cossette, PACE Theatrical Group,Inc., SFX Entertainment,Inc., Bomurwil ProductionsKathleen Raitt, and Jujamcyn Theaters (James H. Binger: Chairman; Rocco Landesman: President; Paul Libin: Producing Director; Jack Viertel: Creative Director); Associate Producer: I. W. Marks, Michael Skipper & Chris Edgecomb; Executive Producer: Gary Gunas & PACE Theatrical Group,Inc. and Originally commissioned by The Alley Theatre (Gregory Boyd, Artistic Director; Paul Tetreault, Managing Director).

Directed by Jerry Zaks; Musical Staging by Luis Perez; Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Karl Richardson and Projection Design by Wendall K. Harrington.

Starring: Union ArmyMichael Lanning (Captain Emmett Lochran), Rod Weber (Sergeant Patrick Anderson), Royal Reed (Sergeant Byron Richardson), Gilles Chiasson (Corporal William McEwen), Ron Sharpe (Private Conrad Bock), Bart Shatto (Private Elmore Hotchkiss), John Sawyer (Private Nathaniel Taylor); Confederate ArmyGene Miller (Captain Billy Pierce), Dave Clemmons (Sergeant Virgil Franklin), Mike Eldred (Corporal John Beauregard), David M. Lutken (Corporal Henry Stewart), Anthony Galde (Private Darius Barksdale), Jim Price (Private Cyrus Stevens), Matt Bogart (Private Sam Taylor); Others: Keith Byron Kirk (Frederick Douglass), Michel Bell (Clayton Toler), Cheryl Freeman (Bessie Toler), Lawrence Clayton (Benjamin Reynolds), Wayne W. Pretlow (Exter Thomas), Capathia Jenkins (Harriet Jackson), Cassandra White (Liza Hughes), Leo Burmester (Autolycus Fell), Dave Clemmons (Auctioneer’s Assistant), Irene Molloy (Sarah McEwen), Hope Harris (Violet, Nurse), Beth Leavel (Mabel, Mrs. Bixby), David M. Lutken (Voice of President Lincoln); Pit Singers: David Michael Felty, Hope Harris, Monique Midgette and Raun Ruffin

Swings: David Michael Felty, Monique Midgette, Chris Roberts and Raun Ruffin,

Understudies: Mike Eldred (Corporal William McEwen, Captain Billy Pierce), Kristine Fraelich (Sarah McEwen, Mabel, Violet, Mrs. Bixby), Hope Harris (Sarah McEwen, Mrs. Bixby), Capathia Jenkins (Bessie Toler), David M. Lutken (Captain Emmett Lochran, Autolycus Fell), Monique Midgette (Bessie Toler, Harriet Jackson), Wayne W. Pretlow (Frederick Douglass, Clayton Toler, Benjamin Reynolds), Jim Price (Captain Emmett Lochran, Autolycus Fell), Royal Reed (Captain Billy Pierce, Private Sam Taylor), Raun Ruffin (Frederick Douglass, Clayton Toler, Benjamin Reynolds), Ron Sharpe (Corporal William McEwen, Private Sam Taylor) and Cassandra White (Harriet Jackson)

Associate Director: B.T. McNicholl; Assistant Choreographer: Maria Calabrese; Associate Scenic Design: Chad Owens; Assistant Scenic Design: Randall K. Richards & Craig Edelblut; Associate Costume Design: Wallace G. Lane,Jr.; Assistant Costume Design: Jennifer Arnold & Patrick Chevillot; Assistant to the Costume Designer: Kyle O’Connor; Associate Lighting Design: Philip Rosenberg; Associate Automatic Light Programmer: Paul J. Sonnleitner; Assistant Lighting Design: Paul Miller, Daniel Ordower & Jeff Nellis; Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Mickey Smith; Associate Sound Design: Cynthia J. Hawkins; Associate Projection Design: Chelsea Pennebaker & Michael Clark and Projection Programmer: Paul Vershbow

General Manager: 101 ProductionsLtd. / Wendy Orshan & Jeffrey M. Wilson; Associate General Manager & Company Manager: David Auster; Associate Company Manager: Elie Landau.

Production Supervisor: Bonnie Panson; Production Manager: Peter Fulbright; Stage Manager: Rick Steiger; Assistant Stage Manager: Jason Brouillard; Technical Supervision: Tech Production Services,Inc. and Elliot Bertoni

Musical Supervisor: Jason Howland; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Jeff Lams; Associate Conductor: John Korba; Piano: Jeff Lams; Keyboard: John Korba; Guitar: Scott Kuney, Jon Herington, and Gordon Titcomb; Bass: Bill Holcomb; Drums: Warren Odze; Harmonica: Michael Rubin; Trombone: Birch Johnson; Trumpet: Wayne J. du Maine; Woodwinds: Charlie Pillow; Violin: Carol Sharar; Cello: Laura Bontrager; Percussion: Roger Squitero

Casting: Dave Clemmons; Marketing & Press Representative: Echo NYNorman Zagier; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Inc.; Promotions by The Richards Group; Battles by David Leong; Historical Consultant: Professor Eric Foner; Dance Captain: Anthony Galde and Fight Captain: Matt Bogart.

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National Tour

NOTE: A national touring version produced by Ken Gentry, NETworks Presentations, LLC, Directed by Stephen Rayne with Musical Staging by Ken Roberson, Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt,  Costume Design by Christine Hanak, Lighting Design by Howell Binkley,  Sound Design by Duncan Edwards; Projection Design by Wendall K. Harrington; Production Supervisor: Seth Wenig and Production Stage Manager: Daniel L. Bello starred Larry Gatlin

Centers on the American Civil War, portraying the war through Union, Confederate, and slave viewpoints.

The Civil War

THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical Civil War Broadway Poster TallCivil War Broadway 03 THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical Civil War Broadway 01 www Civil War Broadway e1616143165382 THE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway playbill creditsTHE CIVIL WAR 1999 Broadway Musical

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Musical Numbers

Act One:

“A House Divided” (Citizens); “Freedom’s Child” (Keith Byron Kirk, Abolitionists); “By the Sword” and “Sons of Dixie” (The Armies); “Tell My Father” (Matt Bogart); “The Peculiar Institution” (The Enslaved); “If Prayin’ Were Horses” (Michel Bell, Cheryl Freeman); “Greenback” (Leo Burmester, Beth Leavel, Hope Harris); “Missing You (My Bill)” (Irene Molloy); “Judgment Day” (Gene Miller, Michael Lanning, Matt Bogart, The Armies); “Father, How Long?” (Michel Bell); “Someday” (Capathia Jenkins, Cheryl Freeman, Others); “I’ll Never Pass This Way Again” (David M. Lutken); “How Many Devils?” (The Armies)

Act Two:

“Virginia” (Gene Miller); “Candle in the Window” (Capathia Jenkins); “Oh! Be Joyful” (Leo Burmester, Royal Reed, Ron Sharpe, Bart Shatto); “The Hospital” (Beth Leavel, Hope Harris, Union Soldiers, Bart Shatto); “If Prayin’ Were Horses” (reprise) (Michel Bell, Cheryl Freeman); “River Jordan” (Lawrence Clayton); “Sarah” (Gilles Chiasson); “The Honor of Your Name” (Irene Molloy); “Greenback” (reprise) (Leo Burmester, Hope Harris); “Northbound Train” (Michael Lanning); “Last Waltz for Dixie” (Gene Miller, Confederate Soldiers); “The Glory” (Michael Lanning, Keith Byron Kirk, Lawrence Clayton, Company)

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