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Choir 1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane Poster FEATURED

The TN! Theatre Company

Errol Bray’s THE CHOIR for the TN! Theatre Company at the Cement Box Theatre, St Lucia, Queensland from 18 March to 4 April 1981.

Directed by Bryan Nason; Designed by David Bell; Stage Managed by Paul Haseler and Assistant Stage Managed by Toby Simkin*

STARRING Geoffrey Cartwright (Colin); Malcolm Cork (Andrew); Michael McCaffrey (David); Glenn Perry (Michael); James Porter (Garry); Patrick Reed (Paul) and John Rush (Peter).

*Elizabeth Bequest Scholar.

THE CHOIR takes us inside a dormitory of orphaned youths who have been castrated to keep their voices pure and help assure their winning performance in an upcoming choral competition. But harmony is the last thing in their lives.

Brutally in your face, THE CHOIR stirred up a viper’s nest of passions when it surfaced at the 1980 Australian National Playwrights Conference. In addition to castration, it deals with homosexuality and sadism, as manifested among seven youths who are all but prisoners of a ruthless offstage matron. Although played by adult actors, the characters range in age from 12 to 16, which gives an additional edge to the play.

Only Andrew, the oldest of the youths, has managed to escape the knife, and he functions as a combination lover and warden to the others, defusing their frustrations and keeping them in line. In a series of short, staccato scenes, frustrations build, however, and by the play’s particularly blunt and bloody climax, Andrew’s charges have taken up the knife themselves.

Choir 1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane Photo 1 Choir 1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane Photo 2Choir (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Photo] Reed, Rush, McCaffrey & PorterThe Choir (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [flyer]The Choir (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Poster]