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China’s First Emperor (Xi’an)

From August 2013 until July 2014, based in Lintong (north east of Xi’an) as General Manager / Executive Director for both China’s First Emperor and Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand Theatre and Executive Vice President / Executive Producer for Nederlander Worldwide for the near final stages of development of both the Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand Theatre at the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses site and its inaugural resident show, China’s First Emperor, with Books & Lyrics (编剧) by Sun Haohui (孙皓晖). China’s First Emperor is a  large-scale music and dance show, the first stage production in the world to demonstrate the history and civilization of Chinese Qin Dynasty.

Aiming at interpreting Qin Culture, the creative team was based on the core team of the opening and closing ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, together with a Hollywood film composer.

Photos z Show Chinas First Emperor IMG 9086Directed & Choreographed (总导演/编导) by Zhao Ming (赵明); Set Design (舞美设计) by Li Wenxin (李文新); Costume Design (服装设计) by Li Ruiding (李锐丁); Lighting Design (灯光设计) by Sha Xiaolan (沙晓岚); Composed by Klaus Badelt; Music Production (音乐监制) by Yang Gefang (杨戈芳); Video Production manager (视频制作公司项目负责人) by Huang Yungen (黄云根); Technical Direction (舞美技术副总监) by Wan Bin (万斌) and Projections Engineering (视频师) by Qing Chengzhi (清承志).

China’s First Emperor

Chinas First Emperor Costume-MontageChina's First Emperor Creative Master Script v1.0China's First Emperor Creative Team - Ming Zhao & Toby China's First Emperor Creative Team - RuiDing Li & Toby China's First Emperor Creative Team - Yang GeFang & Toby China's First Emperor Creative Team - WenXin Li & TobyToby Simkin Business Card - China's First Emperor at the Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand TheatreThe First Emperor Costume Design 01 The First Emperor Costume Design 02 The First Emperor Costume Design 03 The First Emperor Costume Design 04 The First Emperor Costume Design 05