Broken Bridge - Duan Qiao (Hangzhou)

Duan Qiao – Broken Bridge《断桥》
(Hangzhou & China Tour)

The creation of one of the 1st Chinese commercial musicals Duan Qiao《断桥》(Broken Bridge) composed by Qi Feng, with a story by Tian Ding which made its world premiere on September 16, 2011 in Hangzhou.

Produced by Ke ChaoPing and Liang Qing for the Hangzhou Theatre; Line Producer & Art Director was Liang Qing; Consulting Producer Toby Simkin; Executive Producer was Yu Wei Feng and Associate Producer was Li Cai Fen.

Directed by Wang Xiaoying assisted by Jiao Gang with a stage design by Dai YanNian and lighting design by Zhou ZhengPing.

Starring Zheng DiZhou Xianzhen and Yu Yueyue

Duan Qiao《断桥》(Broken Bridge) had a budget of RMB 20 million, and after it’s Hangzhou premiere seen by over 10,000 ticket buyers (90% sold), went on to tour over 136 cities in China, becoming a highlight of the performance market in China, and later won Best Musical at the 6th Daegu International Musical Festival (대구국제뮤지컬페스티벌) in South Korea.


Broken Bridge HangzhouAct I: Spring 1928

A 16-years-old painting student from West Lake National Art College, Bai Lan meets a boy named Xu Feng while painting on the ‘Broken Bridge’ in Hangzhou (one of the most prestigious attractions in Hangzhou’s West Lake, the bridge has always been a “lover’s bridge”). They fall in love at first sight, but Xu Feng goes to the revolution right after with any news. When Bai Lan’s parents want her to get married, she runs away to try to find her love in Beijing with help from her best friend Su QingQing and National Art College teacher Tan.

Act II: Summer 1947

For 18 years, Bai Lan could not find her lover boy. She has be return back to Hangzhou. Her best friend Su QingQing who is married to a General in the Nationalist Party, is an undercover agent. Bai Lan starts to help her deliver messages through the Communist Party. Finally she meets Xu Feng again under Su QingQing’s help who became a military doctor and they got married. But Bai Lan was taken for communist and Su QingQing saved her by pretending Bai Lan was dead. Xu Feng was on business trip in Nanjing and got the wrong news that Bai Lan was dead, and went to Taiwan.

Act III: Autumn 1979

37 years after, 67-years-old Bai Lan has been raising her son along with teaching painting. After National Art College teacher Tan died and her son went to USA, Bai Lan still held hope, because she has heard from a friend that Xu Feng is still alive in Taiwan.

Act V: Winter 2012

Another 33 years pass. 100-year-old Bai Lan finally reaches Xu Feng in Taiwan. Xu Feng took his god-son and returned to Hangzhou, meeting Bai Lang again on the Broken Bridge.

《断桥》Duan Qiao – Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou Poster Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Asian Tour PosterBroken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 4 Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 1 Broken Bridge 2011 Hangzhou photo scene 4Broken Bridge 2011 Hangzhou photo scene 2Broken Bridge 2011 Hangzhou photo scene 1Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 5 Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 3 Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 2 Broken Bridge Duan Qiao Hangzhou 6

Broken Bridge 2011 Hangzhou photo curtain call

After it’s Chinese tour, Broken Bridge went to South Korea.

A second new Chinese musical Jane Eyre was realized in Hangzhou the following year, using some of the same team.

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