Blast (Broadway)

Blast (Broadway)

BLAST opened in New York City at the Broadway Theatre on April 17, 2001 and closed on September 23, 2001 after 13 previews and 180 performances. Directed by James Mason; Music orchestrated by James Prime; Music arranged by James Prime, Thom Hannum, Wayne Downey, Jonathan Vanderkolff, Josh Talbott, Michael Spiro, James Ancona, Jeff Lee, Chris Rasmussen and Paul Rennick

Produced by Cook Group Incorporated and Star of Indiana; Associate Producer: Donnie Vandoren; Executive Producer: Dodger Management Group (Sally Campbell Morse, Robert C. Strickstein) and Dodger Theatricals;

Directed by James Mason; Choreographed by Jim Moore, George Pinney and Jonathan Vanderkolff; Scenic & Costume Design by Mark Thompson; Lighting Design by Hugh Vanstone; Sound Design by Mark Hood, Bobby Aitken and Tom Morse; Associate Scenic Design: Nancy Thun

Performers include Trey Alligood, III, Rachel J. Anderson, Nicholas E. Angelis, Matthew A. Banks, Kimberly Beth Baron, Wesley Bullock, Mark Burroughs, Jesus Cantu, Jr., Jodina Rosario Carey, Robert Carmical, Alan “Otto” Compton, Dayne Delahoussaye, Karen Duggan, John Elrod, Brandon J. Epperson, Kenneth Frisby, J. Derek Gipson, Trevor Lee Gooch, Casey Marshall Gooding, Bradley Kerr Green, Benjamin Taber Griffin, Benjamin Raymond Handel, Benjamin W. Harloff, Joe Haworth, Darren M. Hazlett, Tim Heasley, Freddy Hernandez, Jr., George Hester, Jeremiah Todd Huber, Martin A. Hughes, Naoki Ishikawa, Stacy J. Johnson, Sanford R. Jones, Anthony F. Leps, Ray Linkous, Jean Marie Mallicoat, Jack Mansager, Brian Mayle, Dave Millen, Jim Moore, Westley Morehead, David Nash, Jeffrey A. Queen, Douglas Raines, Chris Rasmussen, Joseph J. Reinhart, Jamie L. Roscoe, Jennifer Ross, Christopher Eric Rutt, Christopher J. Schletter, Andrew Schnieders, Jonathan L. Schwartz, Greg Seale, Andy Smart, Radiah Y. Stewart, Bryan Anthony Sutton, Sean Terrell, Andrew James Toth, Joni Paige Viertel and Kristin Whiting

Tour Direction: Dodger Touring Ltd. and Big League Theatricals; Company Manager: William Schaeffer; Production Supervisor: Tech Production Services, Inc., Elliot Bertoni and Rich Cocchiara; Production Stage Manager: William Coiner; Stage Manager: Victor Lukas

Special Effects by Flying by Foy; Marketing Consultant: Margery Singer; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: Dodger Marketing; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin /; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Press Associate: Amy Jacobs, Jackie Green and Adriana Douzos

The Broadway theatre supersite Buy Broadway OnlineAs Founder and CEO of and  The pioneer in moving the Broadway industry onto the internet. The theatre press branded me as “Toby is the man pushing theatre, kicking and screaming, into cyberspace.” What started in 1989 as a Broadway industry service called ShowCall via dialup BBS for members of the League of American Theatre Producers evolved onto the world wide web in the early 90’s, and shortly after this, the vast majority of Broadway shows (starting with my production of Victor/Victoria) and theatrical organizations followed. The “Super site of Broadway” became a publicly traded company, prior to my re-branding it as at the Minskoff Theatre.

The global theater supersite theatre.comDescribed by Variety Magazine as a “marketing powerhouse“, it was the single largest theatre community in the world with over 180,000 active members (in the 1990’s this was massive). From buying official Broadway tickets and souvenirs, providing detailed global show listings, interactive show study & educational guides, live streaming shows and events (including many Opening Nights live broadcasts), industry news from major theatre journalists, pictures and videos, games, messaging directly to Broadway cast’s backstage or even licensing a musical, offered it all in a single, easy-to-use interface to theatregoers globally.


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