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Big (Broadway)

Big (Broadway & Tour)

BIG with book by John Weidman, music by David Shire and lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. opened on Broadway on April 28, 1996 and played through October 13, 1996 for 22 previews and 193 performances at the Shubert Theatre.   Based on the Motion Picture “Big” a film by 20th Century Fox written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg.

Produced by James B. Freydberg, Kenneth Feld, Laurence Mark, Kenneth D. Greenblatt, Pachyderm Entertainment (Kenneth Feld, James B. Freydberg, Dori Berinstein), Fuji Television Network, Inc. and Kyodo Tokyo; Produced in association with F.A.O. Schwarz; Associate Producer: Daniel F. Kearns.

Directed by Mike Ockrent; Choreographed by Susan Stroman; Scenic Design by Robin Wagner; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Music orchestrated by Douglas Besterman; Dance arrangements by David Krane; Electronic music designed by Brian Besterman; Additional vocal arrangements by Patrick Brady; Musical Director: Paul Gemignani; Sound Design by Steve Canyon Kennedy with Hair and Wig Design by David Brian Brown.

Starring Jon Cypher (MacMillan), Daniel H. Jenkins (Josh Baskin), Crista Moore (Susan), Joan Barber (F.A.O. Sales Executive / Ensemble), Lori Aine Bennett (Maggie / Big Kid), Graham Bowen (Skateboard Romeo / Big Kid), Clent Bowers (Carnival Man / Barrett / Ensemble), Joyce Chittick (Deathstarette / Ensemble), Brandon Espinoza (Starfighter / Big Kid), CJay Hardy (Deathstarette / Ensemble), Samantha Robyn Lee (Tiffany / Big Kid), Patrick Levis (Young Josh), Spencer Liff (Skatephone / Big Kid), Lizzy Mack (Cynthia Benson / Big Kid), Donna Lee Marshall (Mrs. Kopecki / Diane / Ensemble), Frank Mastrone (Arcade Man / Lipton / Ensemble), Jill Matson (Abigail / Ensemble), Jan Neuberger (Miss Watson / Ensemble), Enrico Rodriguez (Kid with Walkman / Big Kid), Alex Sanchez (Derek / Ensemble), John Sloman (Mr. Baskin / Derelict / Larry Johnson / Tom / Ensemble), Brett Tabisel (Billy), Frank Vlastnik (Matchless / Birnbaum / Ensemble), Barbara Walsh (Mrs. Baskin), Gene Weygandt (Paul), Ray Wills (Mr. Kopecki / Panhandler / Nick / Ensemble) and Zoltar (Zoltar)

Swings: Stacey Todd Holt, Joseph Medeiros, Corinne Melançon and Kari Pickler

Understudies: Joan Barber (Mrs. Baskin), Graham Bowen (Young Josh, Billy), Clent Bowers (MacMillan), Brandon Espinoza (Billy), Stacey Todd Holt (Josh Baskin), Spencer Liff (Young Josh), Donna Lee Marshall (Mrs. Baskin, Susan), Frank Mastrone (Paul, MacMillan, Nick, Tom), Jill Matson (Susan), Frank Vlastnik (Josh Baskin) and Ray Wills (Paul)

Associate Director: Steven Zweigbaum; Assistant Choreographer: Ginger Thatcher; Associate Scenic Design: David Peterson and Atkin Pace; Associate Costume Design: Scott Traugott; Associate Lighting Design: Vivien Leone; Associate Sound Design: John Shivers; Moving Lights Programmer: Paul J. Sonnleitner; Assistant Scenic Design: Douglas Huszti and Thomas Peter Sarr; Assistant Costume Design: Mary Nemecek Peterson, Tracy Dorman, Rick Conway and Angela M. Kahler; Assistant Lighting Design: Paul Palazzo and Doreen Tighe

General Manager: Fremont Associates, Inc. and Robert Kamlot; Company Manager: Steven Chaikelson; Assistant Company Manager: Elie Landau; Production Supervisor: Arthur Siccardi; Lighting supervised by Rick Baxter; Production Stage Manager: Steven Zweigbaum; Stage Manager: Clifford Schwartz; Assistant Stage Manager: Tamlyn Freund and Àra Marx

Conducted by Paul Gemignani; Associate Conductor: Nicholas Archer; Violin: Suzanne Ornstein and Xin Zhao; Viola: Richard Brice; Cello: Clay C. Ruede; Bass: Charles Bergeron; Woodwind: Albert Regni, John Moses, Dennis Anderson, Eric Weidman and John Campo; French Horn: Ronald Sell and Michael Ishii; Trumpet: Joe Mosello, Danny Cahn and Dave Brown; Trombone: Bruce Eidem and Dean Plank; Keyboard: Nicholas Archer, Brian Besterman and Patrick Brady; Guitar: Andrew Schwartz; Drums: Paul Pizzuti; Percussion: Thad Wheeler; Music Contractor: Ronald Sell; Music Preparation Supervisor: Peggy Serra

Special Effects by Gregory Meeh; Magic Consultant: Charles Reynolds; Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; Production Associate: Michelle Leslie; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Dance Captain: Stacey Todd Holt and Joyce Chittick; Original Artwork by David Febland Studios; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Promotions: Boneau / Bryan-Brown Promotions, Scott Walton, Paula Mallino and Meredith Westgate-Moore.

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