Beauty and the Beast (Broadway)

Beauty and the Beast (Broadway)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with book by Linda Woolverton music by Alan Menken lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice opened on Broadway at the Palace Theatre on April 18, 1994, to temporality close on September 5, 1999 in order to transfer to the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to re-open on November 12, 1999 and closed on July 29, 2007 after 46previews and 5,462 performances.

Produced by Walt Disney Productions (President, Walt Disney Theatrical Productions: Ron Logan; Vice President and Producer, Walt Disney Theatrical Productions: Robert McTyre); Associate Producer: Donald Frantz replaced by Tony McLean and Pam Young, and at the Lunt-Fontanne later replaced again by Ken Silverman and Mark Rozzano.

Directed by Robert Jess Roth; Choreographed by Matt West; Assistant Choreographer: Dan Mojica; Scenic Design by Stan Meyer; Costume Design by Ann Hould-Ward; Lighting Design by Natasha Katz; Sound Design by T. Richard Fitzgerald; Hair Design by David H. Lawrence; Prosthetics by John Dods; Dance arrangements by Glen Kelly; Music orchestrated by Danny Troob; Vocal arrangements by David Friedman; Musical Director: Michael Kosarin; Incidental music arranged by Michael Kosarin; Additional orchestrations: Michael Starobin and Replacement Additional Orchestrations: Ned Ginsburg

Starring Susan Egan (Belle), Terrence Mann (Beast), Joan Barber (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Roxane Barlow (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Gary Beach (Lumiere), Harrison Beal (Young Prince / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Tom Bosley (Maurice), Michael-Demby Cain (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kate Dowe (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), David Elder (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Merwin Foard (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Beth Fowler (Mrs. Potts), Gregory Garrison (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Eleanor Glockner (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Jack Hayes (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kim Huber (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Elmore James (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Heath Lamberts (Cogsworth), Stacey Logan (Babette), Rob Lorey (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Patrick Loy (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Barbara Marineau (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Joanne McHugh (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Anna McNeely (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Burke Moses (Gaston), Bill Nabel (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Wendy Oliver (Enchantress / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Vince Pesce (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Brian Press (Chip), Paige Price (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kenny Raskin (Lefou), Sarah Solie Shannon (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Gordon Stanley (Monsieur D’Arque / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Bookseller), David Ogden Stiers (Prologue Narrator / Recorded voice only), Linda Talcott (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Wysandria Woolsey (Townsperson, Enchanted Object)

Swings: Joan Barber, Kate Dowe, Gregory Garrison, Alisa Klein, Rob Lorey and Dan Mojica

Standby: Chuck Wagner (Beast)

Understudies: Harrison Beal (Lefou), Kate Dowe (Enchantress, Silly Girl, Doormat), David Elder (Beast), Merwin Foard (Gaston), Gregory Garrison (Young Prince), Kim Huber ( (Belle), Alisa Klein (Enchantress, Silly Girl), Rob Lorey (Monsieur D’Arque), Barbara Marineau (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Joanne McHugh (Babette), Anna McNeely (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Dan Mojica (Young Prince), Bill Nabel (Maurice, Cogsworth, Lumiere), Vince Pesce (Lefou), Paige Price (Belle), Sarah Solie Shannon (Babette), Gordon Stanley (Maurice, Cogsworth, Lumiere), Linda Talcott ( (Chip) and Chuck Wagner (Gaston)

Associate Lighting Design: Ted Mather; Assistant Lighting Design: Gregory Cohen; Projection Effects: Wendall K. Harrington; Principal Set Design Assistant: Brian Webb later replaced by: Edmund A. LeFevre, Jr.; Assistant to Mr. Meyer: Brigette Altenhaus, Bill Sturrock and Scott Shaffer; Automated Lighting Programmer: Aland Henderson; Assistant to the Director: Michael Gans; Assistant to Ms. Hould-Ward: Tracy Christensen, Markas Henry, Mark Musters and Fabio Toblini; Assistant to Mr. Lawrence: Linda Rice; Associate Costume Design: Tracy Christensen; and Assistant to the Costume Designer: David C. Paulin.

General Manager: Dodger Productions; Company Manager: Kim Sellon later replaced by: Mark Rozzano; Associate General Manager: Robert C. Strickstein and Assistant Company Manager: Mark Rozzano.

Production Supervisor: Jeremiah J. Harris; Production Stage Manager: James Harker later replaced by: John Brigleb;Technical Supervisor: Harris Production Services; Stage Manager: John M. Atherlay, Pat Sosnow and Kim Vernacelater replaced by: M. A. Howard and Jill Larmett; later Assistant Stage Manager: Ira Mont Assistant Production Supervisor: Beth Riedmann; Associate Production Supervisor: Tom Shane Bussey

Illusions by Jim Steinmeyer and John Gaughan; Pyrotechnic Design: Tyler Wymer; Audio Designer: Bill Platt; Fight direction by Rick Sordelet; later Fight Captain: Joseph Savant Dance Captain: Dan Mojica later replaced by: Carol Lee Meadows and Mindy Cooper; Dance Captain Supervisor: Bill Burns; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown;later Press Associates: Jim Byk, Juliana Hannett and Amy Jacobs; Casting: Jay Binder; Marketing Consultant: Margery Singer; Production Assistant: Paul Michael and G. Eric Muratalla; Photographer: Joan Marcus and Marc Bryan-Brown; Special Events Photographer: T.L. Boston; Production Coordinator: Elisa Padula

Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Musical Supervisor: David Friedman; Conducted by Michael Kosarin; Music Preparation: Miller Music Services and Miller Music Services; Rehearsal Pianist: Brian Besterman; Concert Master: Belinda Whitney; Violin: Cenovia Cummins, Evan Johnson, George Wozniak and Jean “Rudy” Perrault; Cello:Caryl Paisner and  Joseph Kimura; Bass: Jeffrey Carney; Flute: Katherine Fink; Oboe: Vicki Bodner; Clarinet/Flute: KeriAnn Kathryn Di Bari; Flute/Clarinet: Alva Hunt; Bassoon: Marc Goldberg; Trumpet: Neil Balmand Tony Kadleck; French Horn: Jeffrey Lang, Anthony Cecere and Glen Estrin; Bass Trombone/Tuba: Paul Faulise; Drums: John Redsecker; Percussion: Joe Passaro; Harp: Stacey Shames; Keyboard: Kathy Sommer and Glen Kelly; Associate Conductor: Kathy Sommer; Assistant Conductor: Joe Passaro and Brent-Alan Huffman; Sound and Synthesizer Programming: Dan Tramon

Replacement Assistant Conductor: Steven Tyler; Replacement Concermaster: Suzanne Ornstein; Replacement Violin:Lorra Aldridge, Roy Lewis and Kristina Musser; Replacement Flute/Clarinet: Tony Brackett; Replacement Contrabassoon: Charles McCracken; Replacement Trumpet: James de la Garza; Replacement French Horn: Robert Carlisle; Replacement Keyboard: Madelyn Rubinstein.

During the Palace Theatre run (Apr 18, 1994 – Sep 05, 1999):

Replacement Cast: Steve Blanchard (Beast), Jeff McCarthy (Beast), Steve Blanchard (Gaston), David de Vries (Lumiere / Lumiere), Ana Maria Andricain (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), James Barbour (Beast), Peter Bartlett (Cogsworth), Harrison Beal (Lefou), Steven Ted Beckler (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kevin Berdini (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jonathan Andrew Bleicher (Tues., Wed. Eve., Fri., Sat. Mat. / Chip), Cameron Bowen (Weds. Mat., Thur., Sat. Eve., Sun. Mat. / Chip / Alternate), Cory Boyas (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Gibby Brand (Cogsworth), Toni Braxton (Belle / Sep 09, 1998 – circa. 1999), Andréa Burns (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kevin M. Burrows (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Cheesegrater), Kerry Butler (Belle), Christophe Caballero (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Leslie Castay (Babette), Michael Clowers (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jennifer Cody (Silly Girl), Pierce Cravens (Chip / Alternate), Harrison Deal (Lefou), Joseph DiConcetto (Wed. Eve., Fri., Sat. Mat., Sun. Eve. / Chip / Alternate), MacIntyre Dixon (Maurice), Michael Donald (Young Prince / Wolf / Doormat / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Matthew Dotzman (Wed. mat., Thurs., Sat. eve., Sun. / Chip), Karl duHoffmann (Cheesegrater / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Sally Mae Dunn (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Stacia Fernandez (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Barbara Folts (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Robert H. Fowler (Wolf / Salt / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Teri Furr (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Deborah Gibson (Belle), Jerry Godfrey (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Lauren Goler-Kosarin (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jennifer Hampton (Wolf / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Skip Harris (Bookseller / Monsieur D’Arque / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Mark Hoebee (Pepper), Ellen Hoffman (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Kim Huber (Belle), Timothy Jerome (Maurice), John Christopher Jones (Cogsworth), Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Chip), Alisa Klein (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Pam Klinger (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Babette), Kurt Knudson (Maurice), Marc Kudisch (Gaston), Michael Lang (Young Prince / Doormat / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Yvette Lawrence (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Belle), Sarah E. Litzsinger (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Michelle Lookadoo (Silly Girl), Ann Mandrella (Babette), Barbara Marineau (Mrs. Potts), Lisa Mayer (Enchantress / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Andrea McArdle (Belle), Gerard McIsaac (Lefou), Ken McMullen (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Beth McVey (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), William Michals (Beast), William Paul Michals (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Judith Moore (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Cass Morgan (Mrs. Potts), Patrick Page (Lumiere), Tom Pardoe (Young Prince / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf / Doormat), James Patterson (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Angela Piccinni (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Elizabeth Polito (Enchantress / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Patrick Quinn (Lumiere), Stacee Raber (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Glenn Rainey (Bookseller / Monsieur D’Arque / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Lee Roy Reams (Lumiere), Graham Rowat (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Raymond Sage (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Joseph Savant (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Pepper / Salt), Jeffrey Schecter (Lefou), Matthew Shepard (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Bret Shuford (Salt / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Steven Sofia (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf / Pepper), David Spangenthal (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Patrick Ryan Sullivan (Gaston), Meshach Taylor (Lumiere), Christianne Tisdale (Belle), Rachel Ulanet (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Sarah Uriarte (Belle), Ann Van Cleave (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Chuck Wagner (Beast), Amanda Watkins (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Leigh-Anne Wencker (Enchantress / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jay Brian Winnick (Lefou), Pamela Winslow (Babette), David A. Wood (Townsperson, Enchanted Object)

Replacement Swings: John D. Baker, Mindy Cooper, Joseph Favalora, Barbara Folts, Teri Furr, Mark Hoebee, Carol Lee Meadows, Wendy Oliver and Raymond Sage

Replacement Standby: Stephen Bishop (Beast, Gaston) and William Paul Michals (Beast, Gaston)

Replacement Understudies: John D. Baker (Young Prince, Lefou, Wolf, Salt, Pepper, Doormat, Cheesegrater), Steven Ted Beckler (Beast, Gaston), Steve Blanchard (Beast), Jessica Boevers (Belle), Cory Boyas (Salt, Pepper), Mindy Cooper (Enchantress, Silly Girl), Pierce Cravens (Chip), Michael Donald (Lefou), Sally Mae Dunn (Babette), Joseph Favalora ( (Young Prince, Lefou, Wolf, Salt, Pepper, Doormat, Cheesegrater), Stacia Fernandez (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Barbara Folts (Enchantress, Belle, Silly Girl), Robert H. Fowler (Lumiere), Gregory Garrison (Salt, Pepper, Doormat, Cheesegrater), Lauren Goler-Kosarin (Babette), Skip Harris (Maurice, Cogsworth), Alisa Klein (Wolf, Babette), Pam Klinger (Babette), Michael Lang (Lefou), Sarah E. Litzsinger (Belle), Michelle Lookadoo (Babette), Rob Lorey (Bookseller, Lumiere), Beth McVey (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Carol Lee Meadows (Enchantress, Silly Girl, Babette), William Paul Michals (Beast), Bill Nabel (Monsieur D’Arque), Tom Pardoe (Lefou), James Patterson (Beast, Gaston), Elizabeth Polito (Babette), Glenn Rainey (Maurice, Cogsworth), Graham Rowat (Beast, Gaston), Raymond Sage (Bookseller, Lumiere, Monsieur D’Arque), Joseph Savant (Beast, Gaston), Matthew Shepard (Beast, Gaston), Bret Shuford (Lumiere, Wolf), David Spangenthal (Gaston, Beast, Monsieur D’Arque), Rachel Ulanet (Belle), Ann Van Cleave (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Amanda Watkins (Babette) and Jennifer Hope Wills (Belle)

During the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre run (Nov 12, 1999 – Jul 29, 2007):

Replacement Cast: Steve Blanchard (Beast), Anneliese Van Der Pol (Belle), David de Vries (Lumiere), Chris Hoch (Gaston), Jeanne Lehman (Mrs. Potts), Glenn Rainey (Cogsworth), Jamie Ross (Maurice), B. Adams (Maurice), Sherry Anderson (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Ann Arvia (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Ricky Ashley (Chip), Brad Aspel (Lefou), Bryan Batt (Lumiere), Kevin Berdini (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jeremy Bergman (Chip / Alternate), Trevor Braun (Chip / Alternate), Jeff Brooks (Cogsworth), Ashley Brown (Belle), Stephen R. Buntrock (Gaston), Andréa Burns (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Christophe Caballero (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Cheesegrater), Joey Caravaglio (Chip / Alternate), Gina Carlette (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Adam Casner (Chip / Alternate), Harrison Chad (Chip / Alternate), Karl Christian (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Brian Collier (Young Prince / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf / Doormat), Alma Cuervo (Mrs. Potts), Christopher Deangelis (Salt / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Wolf), Christopher Duva (Cogsworth), Gina Ferrall (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Peter Flynn (Lumiere), Keith Fortner (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Beth Fowler (Mrs. Potts), Jonathan Freeman (Cogsworth), Connor Gallagher (Doormat / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Young Prince / Wolf), Tracey Generalovich (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Aldrin Gonzalez (Lefou), Zachary Grill (Chip / Alternate), Matthew Gumley (Chip / Alternate), Jill Hayman (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Patrick O’Neil Henney (Chip / Alternate), Henry Hodges (Chip / Alternate), Meredith Inglesby (Babette), Nicholas Jonas (Chip / Alternate), Louisa Kendrick (Babette), Alisa Klein (Silly Girl), Steve Konopelski (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Cheesegrater), Patrick Lavery (Chip), Steve Lavner (Lefou), Deborah Lew (Belle), Robin Lewis (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), David E. Liddell (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Sarah E. Litzsinger (Belle), Michelle Lookadoo (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Rob Lorey (Lumiere), Stephanie Lynge (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Michelle Mallardi (Wolf / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jennifer Marcum (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Stuart Marland (Lumiere), Andrea McArdle (Belle), Jeff McCarthy (Beast), Megan McGinnis (Belle), Anna McNeely (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), William Michals (Gaston), Garrett Miller (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Pepper), Christopher Monteleone (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Judith Moore (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Bill Nabel (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Grant Norman (Gaston), Brian O’Brien (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Pepper), Brynn O’Malley (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Donny Osmond (Returned for the production’s final performance as Gaston), Patrick Page (Lumiere / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Denny Paschall (Cheesegrater / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Monsieur D’Arque), Rod Roberts (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Cheesegrater), Christy Carlson Romano (Belle), Alex Rutherford (Chip / Alternate), John Salvatore (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Ann Sanders (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Belle), Daria Lynn Scatton (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Alexander Scheitinger (Chip / Alternate), Paul Schoeffler (Lumiere), Marguerite Shannon (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Sarah Solie Shannon (Enchantress / Wolf / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Marlon Sherman (Chip / Alternate), Jennifer Shrader (Babette / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Christopher Sieber (Gaston), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Belle), Jeff Skowron (Lefou), Billy Sprague, Jr. (Wolf / Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Salt), Erin Stoddard (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Silly Girl), Mary Stout (Madame de la Grande Bouche / Madame de la Grande Bouche), Rob Sutton (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), James Tabeek (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Young Prince / Doormat), Brooke Tansley (Belle), John Tartaglia (Lumiere) Jamie Torcellini (Lefou), William Ullrich (Chip), Sarah Uriarte Berry (Belle), Elisa Van Duyne (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Billy Vitelli (Bookseller / Monsieur D’Arque / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Marguerite Willbanks (Madame de la Grande Bouche / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Brek Williams (Pepper / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jennifer Hope Wills (Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Tracey Rae Wilson (Silly Girl / Townsperson, Enchanted Object), Jacob Young (Lumiere), Tia Marie Zorne (Townsperson, Enchanted Object / Silly Girl)

Replacement Swings: Gina Carlette, Karl Christian, Keith Fortner, Robin Lewis, David E. Liddell, John Salvatore and Daria Lynn Scatton

Replacement Understudies: Ana Maria Andricain (Belle), Ann Arvia (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Kevin Berdini (Monsieur D’Arque),Andréa Burns (Belle), Gina Carlette (Wolf, Silly Girl, Enchantress), Karl Christian (Young Prince, Bookseller, Lefou, Wolf, Salt, Doormat, Cheesegrater),Brian Collier (Lefou), Christopher Deangelis (Lumiere), Barbara Folts (Wolf), Keith Fortner (Lefou, Cheesegrater, Doormat, Salt, Pepper, Wolf, Bookseller, Young Prince), Connor Gallagher (Lefou), Tracey Generalovich (Babette), Jill Hayman ( (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Robin Lewis (Wolf, Salt, Pepper, Cheesegrater, Young Prince, Bookseller), David E. Liddell (Young Prince, Bookseller, Wolf, Pepper, Doormat, Cheesegrater, Salt),Stephanie Lynge (Madame de la Grande Bouche, Mrs. Potts), Michelle Mallardi (Belle), Jennifer Marcum (Babette), Anna McNeely (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), William Michals (Gaston), Christopher Monteleone (Beast, Gaston), Bill Nabel (Maurice, Cogsworth, Lumiere), Brian O’Brien ( (Beast, Gaston, Monsieur D’Arque), Brynn O’Malley (Belle), Ann Sanders (Belle), Daria Lynn Scatton (Enchantress, Silly Girl, Wolf), Marguerite Shannon (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Sarah Solie Shannon (Babette), Jennifer Shrader (Belle), Billy Sprague, Jr. (Lumiere),Erin Stoddard (Babette), Rob Sutton (Beast, Gaston), James Tabeek (Lefou), Billy Vitelli (Maurice, Cogsworth), Marguerite Willbanks (Mrs. Potts, Madame de la Grande Bouche), Brek Williams (Beast, Gaston, Monsieur D’Arque) and Tracey Rae Wilson (Babette)

Other replacements included:

Replacement Associate Lighting Design: Gregory Cohen and Daniel Walker; Assistant Lighting Design: Rob Cangemiand Maura Sheridan; Associate Scenic Design: Dennis W. Moyes; Associate Sound Design: John Petrafesa, Jr.; Automated Lighting Programmer: Richard W. Knight.

Replacement Company Manager: Mark Rozzano; General Manager: Alan Levey

Replacement Production Stage Manager: John Brigleb; Stage Manager: John Salvatore and Elizabeth Larson; Production Manager: Elisa Cardone.

Replacement Fight Captain: David E. Liddell; Dance Captain: David E. Liddell and Daria Lynn Scatton; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.

Replacement Synthesizer Programmer: Bruce Samuels; Assistant Conductor: Amy Duran; Violin: Ann Labin.

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