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Annie Get Your Gun (Broadway)

Annie Get Your Gun (Broadway)

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN with music & lyrics by Irving Berlin, and book by Herbert Fields, Dorothy Fields and revised by Peter Stone played 1,045 performances on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre from March 04, 1999 until September 01, 2001 generating a total gross of USD $82,148,713.00 from 1,415,850 patrons.

Produced by Barry & Fran Weissler in association with Kardana Productions, Michael Watt, Irving Welzer and Hal Luftig; Associate Producer: Alecia Parker and Judith Ann Abrams.

Directed by Graciela Daniele; Choreographed by Graciela Daniele & Jeff Calhoun; Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Beverly Emmons; Sound Design by G. Thomas Clark; Hair Design by David Brian Brown; Music orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin; Dance arrangements by Marvin Laird; Vocal arrangements & Supervising Musical Direction by John McDaniel; Musical Director: Marvin Laird later replaced by John Mulcahy.

Starring Bernadette Peters (Annie Oakley – Feb 02, 1999 – Sep 02, 2000), Tom Wopat (Frank Butler – Feb 02, 1999 – Sep 02, 2000), Ronn Carroll (Foster Wilson / Major Gordon Lillie / Pawnee Bill), Ron Holgate (Col. Wm. F. Cody / Buffalo Bill), Peter Marx (Charlie Davenport), Andrew Palermo (Tommy Keeler), Nicole Ruth Snelson (Winnie Tate), Valerie Wright (Dolly Tate), Gregory Zaragoza (Chief Sitting Bull), Shaun Amyot (Ensemble), Kevin Bailey (Mac / Property Man / Running Deer / Ensemble / Messenger), Brad Bradley (Dining Car Waiter / Ensemble), Randy Donaldson(Ensemble), Trevor McQueen Eaton (Little Jake / Annie’s Brother), Madeleine Ehlert (Ensemble), Julia Fowler (Mrs. Schyler Adams / Ensemble), Kisha Howard (Ensemble), Adrienne Hurd (Ensemble), Cassidy Ladden (Jessie / Annie’s Sister), Marvin Laird (Band Leader), Keri Lee (Ensemble), Carlos Lopez (Eagle Feather / Ensemble), Desiree Parkman (Ensemble), Eric Sciotto (Ensemble), Kelli Bond Severson (Ensemble), Timothy Edward Smith (Ensemble), Jenny-Lynn Suckling (Sylvia Potter-Porter / Ensemble), David Villella (Ensemble), Mia Walker (Nellie / Annie’s Sister) and Patrick Wetzel (Sleeping Car Porter / Ensemble).

Swings: Leason Beth Almquist, Cleve Asbury, Patti D’Beck and  Rick Spaans.

Understudies: Leason Beth Almquist (“The Girl That I Marry” Dancer, Hoop Dancer), Shaun Amyot (Tommy Keeler), Kevin Bailey (Frank Butler, Chief Sitting Bull, Major Gordon Lillie, Foster Wilson), Brad Bradley (Charlie Davenport), Christopher Coucill(Frank Butler, Col. Wm. F. Cody), Blair Goldberg (Jessie, Nellie), Kisha Howard (Winnie Tate), Keri Lee (Winnie Tate, “The Girl That I Marry” Dancer), Carlos Lopez (Tommy Keeler), Jenny-Lynn Suckling (Dolly Tate), David Villella (Hoop Dancer), Mia Walker(Little Jake), Patrick Wetzel (Charlie Davenport, Chief Sitting Bull, Major Gordon Lillie, Foster Wilson) and  Valerie Wright (Annie Oakley).

In the role of Annie Oakley, later replacements included Susan Lucci (Dec 23, 1999 – Jan 16, 2000 [During Bernadette Peter’s vacation]), Cheryl Ladd ( Sep 06, 2000 – Jan 2001), Reba McEntire (Jan 26, 2001 – Jun 22, 2001) and Crystal Bernard (Jun 23, 2001 – Sep 01, 2001),

In the role of Frank Butler, later replacements included Patrick Cassidy (Sep 06, 2000 – Jan 2001), Brent Barrett ( Jan 26, 2001 – Jun 22, 2001), and the return of Tom Wopat (Jun 23, 2001 – Sep 01, 2001),

Other cast replacements included Matt Allen (Ensemble / Gun Drill Specialty), Cleve Asbury (“Moonshine Lullaby” Trio / Ensemble), Kevin Bailey(Chief Sitting Bull), Jenny Rose Baker (Jessie / Annie’s Sister), Michelle Blakely (Dolly Tate), Brad Bradley (Tap Dance), Eddie Brandt (Little JakeAnnie’s Brother), Dana Lynn Caruso (Sylvia Potter-Porter / Ensemble), Christopher Coucill (Col. Wm. F. Cody / Buffalo Bill), Craig D’Amico (Tommy Keeler / Eagle Feather / Ensemble), Randy Donaldson (Tommy Keeler), Deanna Dys (Mrs. Schyler Adams / Ensemble), David Eggers (Ensemble), Timothy Ellis(Eagle Feather / Ensemble), Jenifer Foote (Hoop Dancer  / Ensemble), Jason Gillman (Ensemble), Justin Greer(Ensemble  / “Moonshine Lullaby” Trio), Elisa Heinsohn (Sylvia Potter-Porter / Ensemble), Jaymes Hodges (Ensemble),Hollie Howard (Ensemble), Emily Hsu (Ensemble), Adrienne Hurd (Hoop Dancer), Nicholas Jonas (Little Jake / Annie’s Brother), Kate Kahanovitz (JessieAnnie’s Sister), Dennis Kelly (Col. Wm. F. Cody / Buffalo Bill), Keri Lee(Ballerina), Kate Levering (Ballerina / Ensemble), Claci Miller (Winnie Tate), Brian Minyard (Mac / Property Man / Running Deer / Messenger), Kimberly Dawn Neumann (Sylvia Potter-Porter / Ensemble), Brian O’Brien (Ensemble / “Moonshine Lullaby” Trio), Carolyn Ockert-Haythe (Ensemble), Kerry O’Malley (Dolly Tate), Ashley Rose Orr(Nellie / Annie’s Sister), Lisa Marie Panagos (Ensemble), Blaire Restaneo (NellieAnnie’s Sister), Jewel Restaneo(Jessie / Annie’s Sister), Alice Rietveld (Ballerina / Ensemble), Emily Rozek (Winnie Tate / Ensemble), Rommy Sandhu(Ensemble), Tom Schmid (Mac / Property Man / Running Deer / Messenger / Ensemble), Conrad John Schuck (Col. Wm. F. Cody / Buffalo Bill), Angie L. Schworer (Sylvia Potter-Porter / Ensemble), Eric Sciotto (Tommy Keeler), Michael Serapiglia (Ensemble), Larry Storch (Chief Sitting Bull), Christian Valiando (Little Jake / Annie’s Brother), Gerry Vichi (Foster Wilson / Major Gordon Lillie / Pawnee Bill), David Villella (“Moonshine Lullaby” Trio / Hoop Dancer), Kent Zimmerman (Ensemble / Hoop Dance Specialty

Replacement Swings: Keith Fortner and Brian Shepard

Replacement Standby: Michelle Blakely (Annie Oakley, Dolly Tate), David Hess (Frank Butler, Col. Wm. F. Cody, Foster Wilson, Major Gordon Lillie) and  Karyn Quackenbush (Annie Oakley, Dolly Tate)

Replacement Understudies: Matt Allen (Charlie Davenport), Cleve Asbury (Charlie Davenport), Jenny Rose Baker(Little Jake, Jessie, Nellie), Michelle Blakely (Dolly Tate, Annie Oakley), Dana Lynn Caruso (Winnie Tate), Craig D’Amico (Tommy Keeler), Randy Donaldson (Tommy Keeler), Deanna Dys (Dolly Tate), Timothy Ellis (Tommy Keeler), Julia Fowler (Dolly Tate), Jaymes Hodges (Chief Sitting Bull), Hollie Howard (Winnie Tate), Kate Levering(Winnie Tate), Carlos Lopez (Chief Sitting Bull), Kimberly Dawn Neumann (Winnie Tate), Brian O’Brien (Foster Wilson, Major Gordon Lillie), Carolyn Ockert-Haythe (Winnie Tate), Kerry O’Malley (Annie Oakley), Ashley Rose Orr (Little Jake), Blaire Restaneo (Little Jake), Jewel Restaneo (Jessie, Nellie), Alice Rietveld (Winnie Tate), Emily Rozek (Winnie Tate), Rommy Sandhu (Tommy Keeler), Tom Schmid (Frank Butler, Col. Wm. F. Cody, Chief Sitting Bull), Brian Shepard (Tommy Keeler) and  Gracie Winchester (Jessie, Nellie, Little Jake)