China Tourist Guide China Information courtesy of Toby Simkin

Map of China Overview (courtesy of Toby Simkin)

Over the past 2 decades of living & traveling extensively throughout China, and having brought several hundred actors, crew & creative staff to China, I have learnt quite a few realities & secrets of China, and decided to assemble and share into a cohesive simple-to-follow guide.  I hope it’s of use to those that follow….

Major Starting Points

Possible Sightseeing Plan

Please read my planning notes below, trust me, it’s worth it to save you a LOT of grief, cost & set the correct expectations…. For a pretty solid trip in China, based on seeing the major sights, using air or train travel, with private cars and guides, but not factoring jet lag (add a day to arrival city if coming from North America or Europe), I recommend the following as an outline of the major cities to visit:

(in order of priority)Min. # Hotel NightsMin. # DaysTravel Days
Xi’an (TerraCotta)112 (in/out)
Zhouzhuang (Water Town)01drive
Li River (Boat Ride)122 (in/out) Guilin
Chengdu (Pandas)232 (in/out)