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The Brisbane shows DB is an integrated database of the theatrical history of Brisbane shows until 2000, updated very regularly.

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A Rum Do!1970Robin WoodQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards10-Apr-1970Historical, MusicalThe 1st QTC production directed by Alan Edwards, plus a Royal Command Performance
Philadelphia Here I Come!1970Brian FrielQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards3-Jul-1970Drama
Wait Until Dark1970Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards23-Sep-1970Thriller
Burke's Company1971Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards13-Aug-1971Historical Drama
Oh What a Lovely War1971Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards12-Mar-1971Play with Music
She Stoops to Conquer1971Oliver GoldsmithQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards16-Jul-1971Comedy
A Masque in Honour of the City of Brisbane1972Michael BoddyQueensland Theatre Company (QTC), Queensland Ballet CompanySGIO TheatreAlan Edwards29-Sep-1972Drama
Lock Up Your Daughters1972Lionel Bart and Laurie JohnsonQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards10-Mar-1972Musical Theatre
Puss in Boots1972Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards25-May-1905Drama
The Schoolmistress1972Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards16-Jun-1972Comedy Farce
Twelfth Night1972William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards14-Jul-1972Comedy
Expresso Bongo1973Wolf Mankowitz & David HenekerQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsGeoffrey Rush1-Mar-1973Musical Theatre
President Wilson in Paris1973Ron BlairQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)La Boite Hale St TheatreAlan Edwards22-May-1973Drama
The National Health or Nurse Norton's Affair1973Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards26-Apr-1973Comedy
Mandrake1974Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards27-May-1905Musical Theatre
The Rivals1974Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards27-Jun-1974Comedy
The Importance of Being Earnest1975Oscar WildeQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards18-Jun-1975Comedy
The Taming of the Shrew1975William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards2-Apr-1975Comedy
A Toast To Melba1976Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards15-Sep-1976Musical Theatre
Fourth of July1976Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards4-Jul-1976Drama
Kingdom of Earth1976Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards28-Apr-1976Drama
Otherwise Engaged1977Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards26-Oct-1977Comedy Satire
The Merchant of Venice1977William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards13-Apr-1977Tragedy
Don't Piddle Against the Wind, Mate1978Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards5-Apr-1978Drama
Flight Path1978Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards25-Jan-1978Drama
King Lear1978William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsWarren Mitchell17-May-1978Tragedy
A Midsummer Night's Dream1979William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC), Queensland Ballet CompanyAlbert ParkAlan EdwardsGeoffrey Rush26-Sep-1979Comedy
Deathtrap1979Ira LevinQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards15-Aug-1979Comedy
Hedda Gabler1979Henrik IbsenQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsPat Bishop18-Apr-1979Drama
Outside Edge1980Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards12-Sep-1980Comedy
Richard III1980William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsJohn Krummel23-May-1980Drama
Travelling North1980David WilliamsonQueensland Theatre Company (QTC), Nimrod Street Theatre Company LtdSGIO TheatreAlan Edwards4-Jul-1980Comedy
Annie1981Charles Strouse & Thomas MeehanQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards13-Feb-1981Musical Theatre
Annie1981Charles Strouse & Thomas MeehanQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)Her Majesty's TheatreAlan Edwards26-Nov-1981Musical Theatre
The Circle1981Somerset MaughamQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards8-May-1981Comedy
The Seagull1981Anton ChekhovQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards17-Jul-1981Drama
Travelling North1981David WilliamsonQueensland Theatre Company (QTC) RoadworkAlan EdwardsAug-1981Comedy
Amadeus1982Peter ShafferQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreMick RodgerAlan Edwards8-Jun-1982Drama
Hello, Dolly!1982Jerry HermanQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsSheila Bradley2-Feb-1982Musical Theatre
Long Day's Journey into Night1982Eugene O'NeillQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan EdwardsMark Lee16-Mar-1982Drama
The Tempest1982William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC), Queensland Ballet CompanyAlbert Park AmphitheatreAlan EdwardsKeith Michell5-Sep-1982Drama1st production in the Albert Park Amphitheatre, and Royal Command opening night with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Much Ado About Nothing1983William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)Albert Park AmphitheatreAlan EdwardsBille Brown13-Sep-1983Drama
The Perfectionist1983Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards12-Apr-1983Comedy
Henry V1984William ShakespeareQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)Albert Park AmphitheatreAlan EdwardsBille Brown25-Sep-1984Drama
Love for Love1984Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards29-May-1984Comedy
Love for Love1984Queensland Theatre Company (QTC)Rialto TheatreAlan Edwards15-Jun-1984ComedyTransfer
The Family Room1985Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)QPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards8-Oct-1985Comedy
The Real Thing1985Tom StoppardRoyal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)SGIO TheatreAlan Edwards12-Feb-1985Comedy
Benefactors1986Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)QPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards15-May-1986Theatrical
Camille1986Pam GemsRoyal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan EdwardsCarol BurnsOct-1986Drama
A Chorus of Disapproval1987Alan AyckbournRoyal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan Edwards17-Feb-1987Comedy
Arms and the Man1987George Bernard ShawRoyal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan Edwards9-Jun-1987Drama
Comrade1987Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)QPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards7-Jul-1987Drama
Hard Times1987Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)QPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards10-Nov-1987Drama
A Spring Song1988Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)QPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards23-Aug-1988Comedy
Les Liaisons Dangereuses1988Christopher HamptonRoyal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan Edwards8-Mar-1988Drama
A Christmas Carol1989Charles DickensQPAC Cremorne TheatreAlan Edwards9-Dec-1989Drama
Seven Little Australians1991Royal Queensland Theatre Company (RQTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan Edwards21-Feb-1991Children's Theatre, Musical
Brazilian Blue1995Ian CallinanGail Wiltshire, Mark FurnessTwelfth Night Bowen Hills TheatreAlan EdwardsKeith Michell17-Jun-1905Drama
Blithe Spirit1996Noel CowardQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)Suncorp Theatre (SGIO)Alan EdwardsBarry Creyton8-Feb-1996Comedy
The Marriage of Figaro1998Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQueensland Theatre Company (QTC)QPAC PlayhouseGeoffrey Rush,  Bille Brown, Alan Edwards31-Aug-1998Drama

My full integrated database of the history of Brisbane theatrical shows, collating thousands of shows since 1847 until 2000 from various sources, including the addition of over 2,700 shows not in Ausstage, manually entered from information researched from theatre society minute books, theatrical magazines and books, program advertisements, grant submissions, government reports, Gregory Gesch, Arthur Frame, facebooks groups and web searches.

Thanks in particular to:
AusStageNational Library of Australiaabout the artistsQueensland GovernmentUniversity of Queensland Library State Library of Queensland Queensland University of Technology University of Queensland

It’s a work in progress. For recommended edits or adding omissions, please contact me with details.


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