Austral/Asia Live Alliance

Austral/Asia Live Alliance

Like-minded leading theatrical entities, TML Enterprises, Toby Simkin and Global Event Management, are founding partners of the Austral/Asia Live Alliance – a network of independent theatrical and event companies collaboratively seeking to improve the marketplace in the presentation of 1st class entertainment.

Asia Live mapThe Austral/Asia Live Alliance offers significant benefits collectively in the production, presentation, management and operation of theatrical musicals, plays and events throughout the territory, with decades of collective skill in selection of shows, intellectual property design and management, analysis of profitability, physical production, casting, marketing, contracting, budgeting and operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China (and Taiwan), Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Tim Lawson

Tim Lawson, through his company TML Enterprises has created, produced and presented first class musicals and family entertainment in over 450 cities in 45 countries, smashing box office records on Broadway, London and beyond

TML Enterprises
Toby Simkin

Toby Simkin is a theatrical producer with 4 decades of award-winning experience and a proven track record in all aspects of commercial theatre show & event production, marketing & operations globally, including Broadway, the West End and throughout Austral/Asia.

Toby Simkin Broadway London Australia
Matt Harris and Ciska Van Duuren

Matt Harris & Ciska Van Duuren through Global Event Management have produced or managed an extensive range of events all over the globe including Australia, Europe and Asia, specializing in pre-planning, technical production and event/site management for some of the biggest names in the business.

Global Event Management


Austral/Asia Live Alliance
Austral/Asia Live logo design
  1. The Jester hat represents theatrical live entertainment.
  2. The “A” in Alliance colors represent key flag colors of our countries of focus.
  3. The “Live” in brush stroke evokes the Asian feel.
  4. The Jester hat 3 stars represent the founding 3 member companies.
  5. The Jester hat 3 peaks evoke feeling of stretching out touring Asia from Australia.
  6. The Jester colors utilize core brand colors of each of the founding member companies.
  7. The Jester hat at glance evokes the feeling of the iconic Sydney Opera House.
  8. All set in postage stamp feel suggesting both seal of approval and touring movement.

To join or work with the Austral/Asia Live Alliance, contact any member company.


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